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Today, I let my sister use my phone to play music in the shower, expecting her to use the speakers I have. She used a ziplock bag with a hole in it to connect her headphones. Now I have a waterlogged phone and my sister still doesn't understand why it didn't work. FML
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Did you tell your parents, and how old is she?


Did you tell your parents, and how old is she?

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Well #58, I bring my phone to the bathroom to shower and listen to music, but I also have it on speaker and on the other side of the bathroom.

58, I have a Galaxy S5. It is waterproof. I still don't take it in the shower however, because I have a bathroom stereo for that.

61 It's not waterproof, it's water resistant! That means you shouldn't expose it to water anyways, it's for "accidents" only. This should be common sense.

96 You clearly haven't seen the commercials where the guy takes a phone call in the shower. Or the one where the guy gets stuff on it and runs it under water. Technology challenges common sense. For the record, I don't put it under water. Though I believe it would survive a spray of water, or a drop in the sink if it happened.

#82 I too love taking baths with my toaster. She's so hot!

My sister has a phone that can go up to 3 feet underwater for awesome underwater pictures in pools kind of thing. Although she can't press the button once it's under water so she had to suddenly jump down. It's still pretty cool though, especially since I broke my underwater camera in 5 years ago..

It is waterproof for like 2 meters for 30 minutes submerged, but it probably can go longer, just not safely.

It's a wonder she didn't electrocute herself.

Wow... U r even dumber than her sister!!

No it's not. Phone batteries don't even hold enough TOTAL charge to even moderately injure you, let alone electrocute you. Worst you'll get is even less than a static zap.

maybe but if she's dumb enough to even think about trying this, she's probably gonna try drying her hair in thé shower pretty soon xD

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#13 I suggest you don't call anyone else dumb when you're too stupid to spell out you and are. It's not going to kill you to spell correctly

One could stop another's heart with a cell phone battery. It may require the use of a capacitor and a small transformer but it's definitely possible.

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shower how to use it next time

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Pleonasm wins again, everybody.

8- Exactly. Maybe she's an android user and mistook it for an iFoam. Either way she'll eau you one now, OP.

she forgot to use the waterproof app guys

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Now you can get one of those cool waterproof phones and jam out in the shower without speakers!

It's great not having to worry about my Z1 getting destroyed when it rains or incase I drop it in a puddle. :3

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#39 I'm sorry but I see you commenting all the time and I find myself wondering, if you get so many thumbs down on every comment, why do you continue to comment?

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Maybe one day she'll get a thumbs up, and then all the 1179 comments will be worth it.

55, who are you, the comment police? Christ. Not everyone posts comments to get thumbed up. Some people actually just want to add on to a discussion; so they post their comment and never bother with it again. Besides the fact, I see no reason why this comment is being thumbed down in the first place, seeing as she was just agreeing with the comment and continuing the point, which is better than thread jacking. Let people comment whatever they want, and if you don't like what they have to say, well there's a button for that.

#68 apparently their is button for that since we are using it on you as well, #55 didn't say that she wasn't able to comment anymore she was just simply asking why she continues to do so.

Not everyone is a thumb *****, looking for the most up votes. Maybe it's just me but I can't find anything wrong with her comment at all?

#39, Cool story bro...(rolls eyes) no one cares.

70, it looks like FML knows how to use it on you too. My entire point was that telling people not to comment or just being rude because they comment a lot and don't get up voted is stupid. This is FML, not a popularity contest.

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Oh my god. That's horrid. I've used the ziplock trick, without a hole though. Not doing that again haha

No offense, but honestly? Do people really need their phones so badly to the point of physically taking them in the shower? I understand wanting music, but I have an old radio in my bathroom and I leave my phone in my room. It's not worth something happening to it

cryssycakesx3 22

the bag trick works though. and I have a Bluetooth speaker. it's very useful.

it's best to use a waterproof phone, nowadays they are getting cheaper and cheaper, plus there is almost no drawbacks, i have both a waterproof phone and tablet and I've never had any problems with water related accidents, another plus is that it's a great conversation starter by scaring the crap out of someone :)

SharnaaaBanana 22

Does everyone have to be so quick to judge. It was an incident that happened years ago, when the 3rd gen iPod had only just been released. I was young, and curious. I only did it once. So no I'm not desperate I was simply curious. We all do silly things, you don't need to attack me.

#98, I wasn't attacking you. But since when is electronics and water combined ever a good idea?

unless your sister is younger than 7, she has no reason to not understand this. tell your parents, op. hopefully, they'll understand that it wasn't your fault. also, i'd send it into the shop to get fixed if the internet has no tips.

most coverage plans don't cover water damage unfortunately

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Try putting your phone in a bowl of dry uncooked rice. Rice naturally absorbs moisture so its a great thing to use on waterlogged electronics. It may take a day or two but it worked for me and my Galaxy S 3 when it got dropped outside into a puddle after a huge rain storm.

Agreed, put it in rice asap. As said, it may take a few days to work again but this also worked for my moms phone. Hope it works again.

I dropped my phone is this huge lake one time, and i put it in uncooked rice for a week, and it was good as new! (I also fell in the lake with my phone :( )

I thought this was just for attracting an Asian to fix it... hmm, seems the Internet has lied to me again...

^ ahh, what a racist joke that you find funny

I dropped my phone into a hot bath full of bath salts and bubble bath - put it in rice for a couple of days and now, a year and a half later, my iPhone is working just fine.

As others had said, rice does work. If you have any sort of case, take it off first. You should try to leave it in for at least 8-10 days, changing the rice every 3 or so. The most important thing is to not attempt to turn it on during this time! If there's a little bit of water still inside the act of turning it on can cause it to short out permanently. Good luck!

Or just let the water evaporate I'm sure not that much water entered ..

#63 any water that entered is not good even if it was a little, water damage is water damaged.

You people have it all wrong. The rice doesn't absorb the water it merely attracts a pack of Asians who will find and fix the phone.

#73 that last time I heard that joke I laughed so hard I almost fell off my DINOSAUR.

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Soaking a phone in rice will attract an Asian tech guru who will fix your phone overnight.

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Holy Norse gods! On the bright side, now you can blackmail her for the rest of your life :P I have four older brothers, they used to do that to me all the time, so trust me, it totally works!

meghan7810 16

It can be different the other way around. As the oldest of four, I can say that younger siblings typically get better results than older siblings to do younger ones when blackmailing. That might just be how it works in my family though.

You must have forgot to turn the water proof app on

Ok, that one is kind of on you for letting you use your phone in the shower and not making sure she had your speakers. YDI.

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Nope. If you borrow something, it's YOUR responsibility to check if you have all the parts - and, more importantly, that you don't break anything. You're the one asking for a favor, the person you're borrowing from does not owe you anything.