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By kelscait - 01/07/2009 22:26 - United States

Today, I had my first kiss with this guy that I really liked. We started making out and he stopped and had this bizarre look on his face. I thought he was liking it, so I said, "You're a good kisser, you wanna go to the bedroom?" He replied with, "I'll pass, you have really bad breath". FML
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that was your first kiss and you already wanna have sex?

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"You're a good kisser, you wanna go to the bedroom?" That's a horrible line! YDI just for that.


that was your first kiss and you already wanna have sex?

@ #11 I'm as conservative as they come and I agree with your sentiment but this really isn't the place for that type of post. Edit #11 was deleted as I was typing this Damnit

#1 and #13: She had the first kiss with that guy, it doesn't say if it was her first kiss ever. Regardless, it's up to her anyway, and sex isn't that big a deal. =)

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It's slutty to have sex? wtf?

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slutty = girl who has a lot of sex Pretty simple isn't it?

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If this is the way I read it and that this is your first kiss is wrong you? if you're having your first kiss, that either means you're too young to be having sex. and if you're not you still wouldn't have the maturity to go straight from a kiss to sex...and you obviously didn't if you couldn't manage your breath.

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The post is not about that at all. It is about being rejected for having a bad breath. How about commenting just THAT?

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Wow, dense much? Bedrooms tend to be comfy to make out in, not necessarily always have sex in. Anyways to the OP, FYL. If I'm in any kind of vicinity with a person with bad breath, I just offer them gum. That guy was pretty rude about the whole thing.

Sex is a big deal. You are too nonchalent and disrespectful to your body

Actually, no. A guy can be a pervert, but not a ****. A girl can be a ****, but not a pervert.

112- no.. ***** are someone who will have sex with basically anyone (girls) PERVERTS on the other hand

are people (girl or boy) who are obsessed with sex and see it in an unnatural light. perverts aren't normal. man ***** are players.

btw I might be wrong but it might just be her first kiss with that particular guy not her first ever kiss. just a thought

#151 that's not what I got out of it at first but that would make sense

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and this is why we brush our teeth. toothpaste and a toothbrush is a great invention.

I agree with #158 lol. It reminds me of a scene from spongebob: *old lady jogging* she says, "There's this new invention called toothpaste, you should try it" xD

I don't get that everyone is saying that she's a ****. First of all, she probably meant first kiss with THAT guy, not her first kiss. Second, she may or may not meant sex And if she did meant sex, she isn't instantly a ****!

Wow. This is going to rock your world - I kiss rarely, it can take months between kisses. But sex? More frequently than me buying clothes.

Wow. This is going to rock your world - I kiss rarely, it can take months between kisses. But sex? More frequently than me buying clothes.

Those products only help a little bit. After about 10-15 minutes of lively kissing, you start to taste the girl's natural breath scent and there's nothing you can do about that. I had one girl I was crazy about and when the chemicals (including gum) wore off, YUCK. Fortunately, she liked to get down to ******* pretty soon, so it became less of an issue. Another time, I dated a woman who was the perfect kisser. We could kiss for hours and hours and she still tasted great (not artificial, her natural breath scent was pleasant). Sadly, nothing else about the relationship was very positive at all.

Thank you for your sexual history there, bud.

#71 sounds like he just wanted to brag about something that can't ever be confirmed even in person since apparently both "girls" left him. lol

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"You're a good kisser, you wanna go to the bedroom?" That's a horrible line! YDI just for that.

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It's a good enough line for me.

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invest in some things to make your breath not smell bad... it is a major turn off when kissing someone.

WTF?! You wanted to have sex after your first kiss? Easy much?? You sound really stupid...I'm curious to know how old you are.

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It was her first kiss with THAT GUY. Not ever. I know, it's a difficult concept.

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It doesn't matter whether it was her first kiss with that guy or ever. That's not the point! Her first kiss with the guy means they've only been dating a short time and probably know nothing about each other, and therefore propositioning him to sleep with her after what was probably only their first date is quite slutty.

ehhhh i don't think its slutty, i don't kiss til about the 4th date and by then i'lll usually have decided if they are worth sexing or not. plus, going to the bedroom doesn't mean SEX. omg. theres other stuff to do in there. like boardgames :)

LMAO i'll have to watch out for that. I now know for future reference that a girl asking you into her bedroom could result in.... board games Not saying there's anything wrong with board games!!

I wanna play board games in the bed room. ^_^

Very. Just like 1+1. I can never get that.

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how do you know? maybe it was her first kiss ever. she didnt actually elaborate on that, so it could have been

Who cares ?? Let her be "easy or a ****" that's none of your business - Op - get some mints next time

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It was her first kiss with this guy. OP deserves it for being a ****.

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thats awfully embarassing :(. like how far into it did you get? LOL

How easy are you? It's your first kiss and you want to go to your bed room? Even if it is to continue making out being in your bed room is a HORRIBLE idea. I am sorry but your dumb.. and if he had gone to your bed room you would be known as the easy girl. I can guarantee you will be the pregnant girl in high school. The one that has to drop out because opening up your legs was way more important than opening a book... What the **** is the rush? By the way, I invented this thing for bad breath. It's going to be HUGE. Like I will be rich the first day I sell it. Want to hear it? It's called a tooth paste. You should use it sometime.

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YOU'RE dumb. ****. Learn to use ******* English. You're = you are. Your is possessive. Dumbass.

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I saw that typo once. Seemed like a bit of a jump, don't you think?

FML should have a rule against petty grammar wars...

Someone likes to seem smart and powerful by starting srs grammar lessons on srs forum.

Instead it makes them look weak because they obviously have no argument and make the false assumption that deviating even slightly from the norms of English automatically condemns any argument. I'm no debating expert but people need to learn how to make arguments!

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you did not invent toothpaste!!!!!! you are a liar

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You seem to know a lot about what you're talking about considering all the curses you're using.

You kiss a guy once and then invite him into the bedroom? It sounds like your self esteem issues are much worse than your bad breath issues.

Word. OP, FYL because your breath was bad enough for a guy to turn down sex/sexual activity but YDI because bad breath is something you can control. As for your pitiful line... yeah I don't know. I agree with the comments that it makes you sound easy, but if you're into that kind of thing, whatevers.

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Haha yea it doesn't sound like it takes much, if any, effort to get into the OP's pants