By LegInPieces - 17/10/2013 16:34 - United States - Redmond

Today, I spent an excruciating hour walking to campus with a broken leg, only to find my professor had left a note on the door saying class was canceled. FML
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Well, I'd say "Next time, break a leg" but you already have that covered, so boy did I put my foot in my mouth there. I hope no more slip-ups are in toe on my part.

Might as well hop along home then.


\ 28

Professors sometimes think they have the right to be insensitive douchebags because they get paid regardless of how they act/work/teach. College taught me that the hard way...

What a waste of a comment.

#1 That sounds so sarcastic, yet, for some reason I think you're being serious. Either way, it isn't pretty.

No #1, poor you.

congrats. now everyone knows how much of an ass you are

Now spend any excruciating hour walking back.

So dumb your college should email you right away if class gets canceled like mine does

Or ask a friend for a ride. Or take public transportation. Or apparate. That's what I would do.

why doesnt OP just get a wheel chair

You don't buy a wheelchair, the hospital provides it for u

Don't they have to pay for health stuff in America?

55 hospitals do not provide wheelchairs for patients to take home with them.. When I got out of the hospital due to major blood clotting in my legs and it was too painful to walk for a week I bought crutches. Hospitals only provide wheelchairs while your staying there

Who's op? Everyone says it in comments and I have yet to find out what op is. U-U if this makes me look less stupid-I'm sorta new to FML

I had something similar once. only I didnt have a broken leg. bht I did have to walk 20 minutes each way in 95 degree weather. Sorry op.

@3 there's nothing in common with your case or OPs. You were uncomfortable while OP was in pain most likely. You could have speed walked to get inside faster while OP cant

#3 I live where it is 110 during the summer. Quit bitching

3 and 22, that's nothing. I walk home in moderate temperature suitable for me. AIN'T NONE OF Y'ALL GOT NOT'IN ON ME!

In my day we had to walk four miles to class without shoes (because they weren't invented yet) in the deep snow. And it was uphill both ways! THE WHOLE TIME!

#40 I always thought Newfies dropped their kids off at school by boat on the way to the Grand Banks.

Might as well hop along home then.

Gatorade me BITCH :/

What am I not getting here? Anyone?

Breaking bad reference :)

Tread lightly, BITCH

Well, I'd say "Next time, break a leg" but you already have that covered, so boy did I put my foot in my mouth there. I hope no more slip-ups are in toe on my part.

oh that type of crap pisses me off. I had a professor that did that. I had to take 2 public buses with a large soft cast and stitches on crutches. only to find out canceled. my sympathy to you and I hope your leg heals soon.

Not skipping class will definitely give you a leg up on your classmates. What, too soon?

You should really give the kid a break, Doc.

Now you'll have to walk back.

The fact that no one at least e-mailed you to tell you it was cancelled seems really dumb.