By Nafypoo - 21/11/2018 22:00

Today, I was playing competitively for my clan in a tournament. Money is involved, and I was doing quite well until my girlfriend up and turned the PS4 off because I wasn't "paying enough attention" to her, despite being on a holiday with her for the previous 3 days. FML
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Trade her out for a girl gamer. They won't do that shit.

Time to have a serious talk about respect of each other's activities.


Trade her out for a girl gamer. They won't do that shit.

True shit. We encourage you to do well lol. That really sucks 😕

The Klan doesn’t like it when you screw up. The Grand Wizard might burn a cross in your yard! Maybe 4 days of attention is what she considers enough. I hope for your sake that the sex is incredible!

She sounds great. I have had times where I’ve been annoyed that my partner has been gaming too long, and hasn’t payed enough attention to me. I just thought it was common sense to not shut their game off. If she is willing to shut your game off, what else is she willing to do with your system?

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thats some crazy talk you have right there

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It’s a bit of a stretch to say “what else is she willing to do” when all she did was turn it off. And this is coming from a gamer.

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She's great for acting like a child when she doesn't have her way? Til

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I think the "she sounds great" was sarcasm. And it's not a stretch at all to wonder what else she'll do. This isn't about the game, it's about respect and communication.

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I'm guessing your brain dead. he does that as a job, thats like saying that when someone is working, they aren't paying enough attention

Shutting down someone’s game while they are competing money because they don’t spend time with you is like slashing the tires of your boyfriends car so he can’t go to work and make money for the same reason

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In her defense if you two were still On vacation you are a sucky boyfriend. The reason for a vacation together is not for you to play games it’s to do things with her.

Read the FML again. He DID spend time with her. She's just being a clingy, jealous bitch.

Even when you're on vacation with someone you still need time to yourself.

Time to have a serious talk about respect of each other's activities.

Agreed. This is a massive red warning flag as to what kind of jealous BS you're in for.

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She already has an XBox, and can use it as a controller. ;)

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Today, while laying in bed I read this fml to my gf, i explained that's ****** up and I wouldn't stand that shit. shes like you dont even know the full story what's the girls side of the story. FML ruined for me.

How did she hear that all the way in the kitchen while making you a sandwich?

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So, did you spend the three days on holiday playing games and checking your phone? Or did you actually spend it focused on being together and enjoying each other's company? The answer to that will result in either YDI or dump the bitch and run!