By goodlord12 - 17/01/2013 07:53 - United States - Branson

Today, I let my friend bleach my hair, which resulted in it falling out in clumps. I spent $150 at the beauty salon fixing it and cutting most of it off. I sent the pictures of my new hair to my friends, and I got the same reply from each and every one of them: "That better be a wig." FML
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ohcoolstorybro 14

And that's why you leave it to the professionals in the first place...

Damn, OP. What the hell kind of bleach did you use? Aren't you supposed to use stuff that's... specifically for hair? I wouldn't know, I've never tried.


enkt 9

I feel your pain, OP. Bleaching your hair can be disastrous, especially with someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Some people like to change colors in their hair.

Since OP is a man, why he just don't cut the rest of it, and be bald, for some time? seriously. bold man are sexy anyway.

Lant 6

Why r u guys thumbing down 64? Its completely normal for some guys to be bald it looks better on some guys then any other hair style they could do. So if his hair looks like crap why wouldnt he shave it off and let it grow back.

I've never bleached my hair and I dyed my hair red from dark brown. Some hair is just better for dying. But OP should've definitely went to a salon.

Or just find someone that knew how to dye hair.... I'm guessing they thought house hold bleach was the same thing as hair bleach?

jujubunni5 9

Maybe his friend is a stylist in training and OP was nice enough to let them practice on him?

ohcoolstorybro 14

And that's why you leave it to the professionals in the first place...

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So men shouldn't dye their hair? Why?

OP is the real Slim Shady.

66: You fail so hard.

Damn, OP. What the hell kind of bleach did you use? Aren't you supposed to use stuff that's... specifically for hair? I wouldn't know, I've never tried.

Yeah I'm guessing the bleach I use to clean my toilet might not be the perfect thing to try out on my hair..

RedPillSucks 31

Considering OPs friend ****** his hair up, we can't be certain what they used

24 - we CAN be certain that its not bleach for hair, and that OP's friend is a derp

Hope you're not blaming your friend. You let her do it

carleybeak 21

There's a huge difference between hair bleach and cleaner bleach...

Aaaw :( I wanted to bleach my hair too, but thought it would damage my hair too much... Be carefull with your hair, my hair was falling only because of te wrong shampoo! Really though, as wicked as blonde hair looks, I don't think it's worth it.

You can dye or bleach your hair successfully without ruining it but it needs some tlc that's all. Also, if your hair was falling out because of a shampoo I'd go see someone about it. That's not meant to happen!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Sounds like someone put nair in your shampoo.

I've dyed my hair a few times. Being quite dark I tend to have to bleach it first, sometime several times back to back to get the colour out properly. If it's done right, you've got nothing to worry about

solosohigh 15

when it comes to going lighter, always go to the salon. maybe you really should try a wig....

Or just cut it all off.

Men bleaching their hair these days... I like a more natural look, but that's just me.

WHY DID YOU BLEACH YOUR HAIR? Your a guy, bleach is bad for your hair and letting your friend do it is just asking for trouble. Also, where did you find a hairdresser that costs $150? Thats just criminal

So if he was a girl bleach would be good for his hair?

43, yes it's been written like a sentence but they are two separate statements. They could have originally intended to make a list but didn't and forgot to change the comma to an "and". Also, to the poster who said "WHY DID YOU BLEACH YOUR HAIR?". A guy can change his hair colour if he wishes, it shouldn't be left to just women being allowed to make the changes!

i had my hair bleached before.. i would do it again but after bieng in the military i prefer a shorter buzz cut.. so pointless to bleach my hair.. nut much to bleach.. and id just cut it off in a week

betseyville 6

Uh, I got highlights, shampoo & style once and it cost me $150. That's not uncommon.

peachesncreem 21

$150 is already a bargain for salon treated hair in Australia. I feel so ripped off if you guys think that's pricey.

$150 is normal? Holy shit... that's just ridiculous. Wow. I wouldn't pay that for a hair cut/colour. Fuck that. I think I just had a mini heart attack at the thought xD That amount of money would buy multiple food shops on my budget.

perdix 29

I'll bet you got the hairdresser's version of "have you tried turning it off and turning it on": It will grow out eventually. Until eventually rolls around, stay at home with the sports on TV, video games and Internet **** to avoid causing a public panic because of your freak-show head.

What about wearing a cap in public? Just a suggestion.

I don't know perdix version of life sounds pretty awesome why would you want to go outside

Maybe he could try semi permanent dyes to darken it slightly. Also, hair shouldn't take that long to grow so you'll just have to wait it out OP! :)

What kind of bleach did you use? I've bleached my hair a couple times but never had a problem, but then I used bleach that was meant for hair.

Probably Clorox. That's good, right?

If they put in a lot more powder an not enough developer it happens. Trust me, my hair is still growing out :(