By ghostyyy - 24/07/2010 23:21 - France

Today, my sister was on television. It would have been great if she weren't being handcuffed for burglary. FML
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nicknesser 0

Sibling rivalry! Out match her by holding up a bank then committing grand theft auto. Show her who's boss!

at least she can say "oh shit son I'm on tv"


at least she can say "oh shit son I'm on tv"

super3286 14

yes on tv will be awasom for burglary not so much

lol wow, sucks for her!!! more like f her life

Disco_fml 0

Nobody speaks that way. Also I do not think the OP realizes that FML stands for "fudge my life," not "fudge my sister's life."

abcdefghijKayla 0

I bet she mouthed "Hi mom!" like everyone on tv does.

@ Disco- Being related to a person who was on television for being a criminal has a stigma. There are far to many people who judge others by what their family members have done. It's sad but true, the OP will probably now have to deal with being "so and so's sibling, that girl from tv who was arrested for burglary". This is definitely an FML in it's own right as much as it's an FHL.

ohthebloodygore 16

or maybe she mouthed 'I'm on tv before you'

get a Jewish lawyer.. maybe in court his nose will be a big enough distraction u can run away with your sister

ohthebloodygore 16

22- that's racist and idiotic. Get a life.

You mean anti-Semetic. Jews are not a race. But yes, it's idiotic.

MarkFeehily 0

you should have recorded it ;P it would have been a great thing/story to share with her grandchildren ;P

23 relax.. i like to joke about races because it's funny. I'm Arab, I accept there are jokes about us being terrorists, wife beaters, ignorant, etc.. but it's all jokes.. just like my Jewish joke. I'm not an idiot I just have an open sense of humor

ohthebloodygore 16

25-Thank you for correcting me:)

if you don't like it than go f@&$ yourself. couldn't careless

Arsonnist 3

Any other crime would have been fine though, right? What a disappointment that that's all she came up with.

ohthebloodygore 16

30- saying it in a joking manner doesn't excuse your behavior or give you the right to say it.

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ohthebloodygore 16

38 don't live in America wouldn't know :)

rallets 22

**** jews and arabs ...jk :(

31- The OP was being specific as what crime it was, it's way better than just saying "She committed a crime". So that way people aren't like "Oh what did she do? Rape little kids!?!? LOLOLOLOL!!!".

I am Jewish, and I find SOME Jew jokes funny. That one just plain wasn't. Regardless of whether or not it's considered offensive, by me or anyone else, it was a really lame joke.

allen2020 0

It is my first time to be told there are some Jewish eye-glasses monkeys on earth, good to know. 

I just want to apologize for my incorrect use of the word to. I know that it should be too. That's right I'm being a grammar nazi on my own post. I was really tired when I posted but that's the first immediate flaw with it I can see.

jawesome91 0

lolz!!!!! was she on cops!?!?!

you know you're a redneck if..... lmao lame joke, i know

you buy your mom and your girlfriend a present and you only have to buy one gift :P get it? WINCEST

haha, me too. I saw my sister on tv. her and her friends all got arrested because her friend had a fake gun an some douche freaked out. it was pretty hilarious to watch them all get thrown to the groud :)

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Well at least the OP looks better by comparison!

nicknesser 0

Sibling rivalry! Out match her by holding up a bank then committing grand theft auto. Show her who's boss!

hey, at least she wasn't being arrested for prostitution..

Son_of_Helghan 0

actually that's what she was going for, it just didn't work out like she had planned

She must be really bad at sex for prostitution to count as burglary!

ohthebloodygore 16

Atleast she was in tv. I don't see you on it!

lmfaoo! im sorry but thats kinda funny

cheergirly16 0

9. it's not her fault for having a sister. lol she can't help it?

ImAStraightG 4

now that's degrading. fyl.


That's a way.... Well it all depends on how u see it