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By anonymous - 23/01/2012 15:59 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me we've just been fuck buddies for the entire year we've been "together." This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't working up the courage to propose to her on our anniversary. FML
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138 - "been married for almost a year and have a 6 month old daughter" Your oh so long marriage record AND the fact that you were pregnant AT LEAST 3 months before you got married CLEARLY shows that you are the *perfect* person to give advice on this subject!


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"**** buddies?" doesnt she mean "fishing buddies?" or is that only when you're in a homosexual relationship on top of a mountain.

Maybe he wanted to propose more passion in the ****-sessions. Or ya know. Marriage. Let's hope it was the first one! 1- I agree.

"Propose to her" and 'propose something to her" are completely different things

Oh? And that isn't common sense? Then maybe it was a joke? Naa that is just insanity!

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1 I couldn't agree with you more :P

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They can make that statement that's why they said "I don't think"

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I think it depends on their history together. If they've known each other for years and were close friends it seems like less of a leap. If he just got to know her that year...that's a different story, lol.

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46, he said "I don't think" meaning that he's not speaking for everyone

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I don't think he should be planning on proposing without first having an understanding of their relationship. It should be something that's discussed to make sure you would both be ready for it before just popping the question. Why do you think rejections (esp public) are so common? Lol

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Well on the bright side; atleast you don't have to waste anymore of your time on her.

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As long as I get my own episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" I'll marry you

I don't think he should be proposing after a year of just sex.

Doesn't matter how long partners have been together, if they're ready then they're ready. My parents got engaged and married after a month and they've been happily married for 26 years now. But in this guys case, he jumped the gun too quick not knowing where his relationship was going, and it was obviously lacking a lot of communication and romance. He should of talked about it with his girlfriend like partners usually do these days before going for the move.

Don't want to sound stupid but isn't 1 year too short to propose to someone?

I'm 18 and got proposed to after a month into my relationship. We've been married for almost a year and have a 6 month old daughter and still love each other more than ever. Op just really loved his "girlfriend"

I know someone who got married after being with his girlfriend for only ten months. They'be been married for eleven years now. Time isn't always a measurement of your feelings for someone.

#65- i bet in the next decade youll be looking for a new spouse. 6 weeks is a hump and dump. Sounds more likely that u 2 are so ugly/fat that u both knew u could nvr get anything else.

That sucks bro, normally the guy would say that.

138 - "been married for almost a year and have a 6 month old daughter" Your oh so long marriage record AND the fact that you were pregnant AT LEAST 3 months before you got married CLEARLY shows that you are the *perfect* person to give advice on this subject!

Ok I just did the math. You've been married 11 months and have a 6 month old daughter, meaning you were 4 months pregnant when you got married. I put little stock into shotgun weddings that are less than a year old. Call me in 10 years.

Don't you know? Getting married after 6 months to a year is the newest fad. Everyone I went to high school with and people even younger are doing it. Its so pathetic.

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Me and my boyfriend have known each other for 7 years and if it weren't for the fact that we're only 18 and don't want to have a wedding until we can pay for it ourselves we would have been married at the one year mark. Most of the times the reason you date somebody for so long before getting married is because you want to get to know them. Some people save a lot of time because they have known their spouse for so long already.

Wow a lot of you sound bitter (and jealous)..I'm sure you will find the right one someday but until then why hate on other couple's relationships? It's not about the length of one's courtship, heck I would not want to be the chick that has to wait 5 years for the guy to decide she's the one and vice versa.

My best friend is getting married to her boyfriend. 1. She's 7 weeks pregnant. 2. They've been dating for 3 months. 3. She's 17.

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Johnny boy has a point... And 1-agreed

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Okay how about this, everyone has a different view on when they think is a good time to get married in a relationship, some get married just after a few short months and live long happy lifes together, others wait and date for year, or two, but end up getting a divorce early on in said marriage, and vice-versa, so let's put to rest how long you, or your best friend, or parents, or whatever have been together when they got married, thank you.

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I don't think there's a set time before getting engaged but the relationship can't have been worthy of marriage if it was just sex to her so this guy is insane or def missed the signals that she wasn't into him. And the young girls saying time doesn't matter because they're so in love (or had a baby at 17) are idiots. I was with my high school bf for 4 years and we broke up at the end of senior year because we didn't have the same futures in mind in the end. Don't proclaim your undying love until you're mature enough to understood what that really means.

You're just a kid. I got pregnant when I was 16 and was with this guy who was 19. Two years later when I was 18, we got engaged. We're not together anymore as of recently and I am so thankful we never got married. You're young and foolish and think you're "in love" when really you haven't lived enough to know what that really means. I too was once so foolishly blind and I'm glad I figured out how stupid I was when I was a young teen. Live your life and date around before you go and decide who you're "in love" with.

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That's bull! It depends on the individuals involved in the relationship. It worked.out well for me. I've been married for almost 12 years now. We both knew we were the ones for each other. And I was 18, so statistics can kiss my ass.

I've only been dating 2 weeks and I'm engaged! Hahah kidding... But based on where this is going I don't doubt we'll see this!! No doubt that relationships based off 1 year or less have a much higher divorce rate then relationships > one year.

OK so this may have worked for you people or your parents etc etc. This doesn't change the fact that you are jumping into something permenant without full disclosure. You cannot know your partner inside and out after less than a year, if you say you do then the individual you are in a relationship with is the most 2 dimensional boring person on the planet. People are complicated creatures that take years to know. The evidence of a successful relationship doesn't justify the action, you could have waited longer and then married with the same conclusion. Do as you wish, nobody is saying don't marry people after a year, it is your choice, but don't expect them to either approve or believe you when you say you're ready. It's not that unlikely that a relationship with two people looking for marriage will work out in the long term, but whether it is a smart choice or not is another thing entirely.

I always wondered why the divorce rates are almost 50% in alot of countries and now I know why. People are taking marriage to lightly. It doesn't matter how long you know a person, but it does matter how well you know a person. Most people here are talking about getting married at the age of 18. I hate to break this to you, but you are living in a fantasy world. You are trying to hard to prove that you are an adult, you can't even see the possible consequences of your actions. If you really loved eachother and were serieus about getting married, you could wait a few years. Why rush into marriage when you can still enjoy your life as it is. This is the reason why the divorce rates are so high. @op, I know that it sucks, but you should be glad to you only wasted a year of your life with her. Just imagine that she said yes and she wanted a divorce in a couple of years/ months. Move on and find someone that is wothy of your love. edit: I also agree with the person above me.

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190- i hate how adults say we're too young to know what love is! Oh so we don't know how to love our parents or pets! It's like love doesn't have an age to it. My brother met his wife in 8th grade they have now been married for 10 years!! Was that "too young" for you or does he not know how to love his wife!!! ^.- >:(

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6 weeks? Damn, you really got to know her fast.

Statistically couples "fall out of love" during the 2 year mark. Some people really are in love. But most of us should probably at least wait 2 years and REALLY get the know the person.

I know people who got married after a few months and are still happily married after a few years. so it isn't too far-fetched.

46 - Agree with you 100%, I'm engaged, now in the 15th month of my relationship and things is going great.

If I was proposing after a year I would of been married like 3 years ago

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Ok it might have worked for you but that doesn't mean it works for most people. Under 18, your still a minor so technically, you need to get parental permission. Your still a child at that point! You haven't experienced the world and to think that you have found "the one" is foolish in my opinion.

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My wife proposed to me after 5 months and we got married after being together 18 months. And have been happily married for almost a year and a half! So not everyone's is the same.

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Well clearly op has no reality about this relationship I'd put $$$ op fell in "love" with 1st girl he gave the ok in out

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223- love for family, pets, or friends are a different kind of love than the kind of love a relationship needs. I agree people shouldn't say young people don't know what love is, because they very well could. All people are different. I would say it depends on your maturity probably to know what love is. Sure maturity comes with age, but people mature at different rates.

Shut up pussy! U think ur ready to spend the rest of your life after knowing someone for only a year? God why are all the people on this site pussy little kids. They cry when someone calls them fat and they think they are all Rico suave mother *******.

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77.......He has the right to be bitter. A sharper knife can never be placed into someone's back.

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I do believe you can truly love at 16, but that is not the only thing that matters. At this age you only experienced a tiny part of what the world as to offer and of who you really are. A lot of major stages happen between 20's and 30's so the chances that two 16yo in love will grow apart over the next few years are high. It's the same matter when you're older, but maybe it happens more slowly. I do believe that some people can know for sure they want to spend their life together after few months, but comments from people happily married for 2 years doesn't prove a thing. What are two years compare to the 40s, 50s, 60 years coming? I don't mean you won't do it, but really serious things have not started yet.

Culdnt have said it any bettr myself..!! Ive known my boyfriend since we were 9yrs old and were both 21 now, weve been in a 5 almost 6 yr relationshp, and were engaged, i dont think theres a set time to be following, love is free, you live to learn about it, (just my opinion tho)

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It depends on if the person is ready.

Hey my parents got married the third week after they met.

@190 cool story bro, but honestly you just made a stupid choice and just sound sad and butter for your own stupidity. My grandparents were just done with highschool and they were married for over 50 years. So kindly stfu with your pessimistic stupidity.

#65 your response makes me think of people that get angry at you when you mention you don't want kids. They're bitter because they were forced into having them so they want to impose that on others because admitting you had a choice too just sucks too much.

That sucks man. I don't know what I would do if my gf said that to me..

I'd tell it's cool, her friend was better anyways.

10 and 43, I can tell you two have never been in a serious relationship that's lasted a year or more (or where you've been faithful). Finding out the girl you've loved and devoted yourself to for a year just thinks you're a **** buddy is devastating.

I would do her a thousand times then leave

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I sense a few therapy sessions in the making?

Of course I haven't 62! I'm too busy workin that corner bro!

On the bright side, you could avoid the horrible moment when she denies your proposal and crushs your heart... and probably humiliates you in public.

Well she shouldve made it clear that he was just a friend with benefit

IN HIS DEFENCE! He liked he tried to put a ring on it!

I would be upset about the proposal thing, but I would be even more upset because I could have been ******* other women during that time. I'm pretty sure she was ******* other dudes.

Of course #10 and #43 never had a serious relationship. You can see that by the childish responses they came up with. If only it was something witty. I bet they call a person "a bitch" and throw a tantrum when they get rejected.

wow.. that sucks man.. hopefully there is someone else out there for you..

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Stuff like that pisses me off. Hopefully you can find someone for more than sex.

Doesn't matter ha.... Ohhh I'll stop now

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Funny thing is the cute girl that said the same thing isn't -8. That say anything guys?

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That sucks but at the same time at least your getting laid!

But was the ******* any good? If not, then FYL!

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Well. At least there's the sex.

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How can he dump her? They're just **** buddies.

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Simple. At the Staten Island dump.

6- ZOMG you're like totally super mature!!! I totally wish I could be as intelligent as you!! Jokes finished, that is probably one of the most immature and unoriginal posts known to mankind. On almost every single love FML, there's always some unintelligent depressed person looking for likes. This time it's you. Congrats. Want a medal?

6- ZOMG you're like totally super mature!!! I totally wish I could be as intelligent as you!! Jokes finished, that is probably one of the most immature and unoriginal posts known to mankind. On almost every single love FML, there's always some unintelligent depressed person looking for likes. This time it's you. Congrats. Want a medal?

Personally, 159, I think leaving the 'relationship' is actually an incredibly mature thing to do. I agree that this advice is used inappropriately on too many fmls, but it is justified in some cases.

I think I agree with Chili. Remaining in a relationship where you are emotionally invested but know that the other person in it is only in it for the sex, can only end up hurting you in the end. It also doesn't speak volumes of your self respect if you are willing to be used simply out of convenience for her. Just saying "dump her" hardly conveys that, but more or less, it may still be the best answer. Tell her how you feel so there's no misunderstandings, and see how this ends. My take on it anyhow. :)

Ugh, Draco! Whenever you agree with me you take what I'm saying and say it 10 times better. xD haha

162- I bet your mommy still wipes your ass for you. And I bet you enjoy it.

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Good one champ! not really

Ouch.. Although that should have been cleared up a while ago..

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I think it's better that she told you that before you proposed to her. Save your face, save your time and save your breath.