By The Clitshank Redemption - 05/06/2013 23:11 - United Kingdom - Cambridge

Today, my boyfriend of six days proposed to me. FML
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Woah... either he's crazy in love or....he's just crazy. I'm gonna go with the latter... Save yoursellffff!!

zingline89 18

How did you do the math so fast??


Woah... either he's crazy in love or....he's just crazy. I'm gonna go with the latter... Save yoursellffff!!

Sounds like Ted from How I Met Your Mother

Her name though??

If you know, you know. I know married couples that say they would have got married the first day because they knew.

My parents got married after 3 months of knowing each other. They've been married for about 21 years. 3 months is longer than 6 days but still not a long time to make a decision to spend the rest of your life with someone!

DamnBobRoss 4


63- Are you serious?

#63: Most definitely not.

63- No. If you're going to correct someone, at least make sure that they need to be corrected. Just stick to painting happy little bushes from now on.

63# is obviously trolling. nobody can be that stupid

Swedude 5

Except for #66, 67 and 68.

you trust humanity to much

63- No!!! That's too funny! I'm going to look out for more of his wacky grammar corrections! That's comedy gold!

My husband and I knew at 10 days. 24 years later, still madly in love!

I don't want to live on this planet anymore, because of 63#

And considering how I just watched Harold and Maude too...

63- you, sir, are a natural comedian.

63, Your name should say DumbAssBob

89-You are the reason I fear for humanity.

So.... did OP say yes?

63- I know your shockingly pitiful mistake has already been pointed out numerous times, so usually I'd just keep on moving. However, that particular error was just too stupid to ignore. You, sir, are a dipshit.

#63, think out loud if you have to. This might actually help you in realise WHAT you are saying. "You'reself" = you are self. Did you accidentally the phone, too?

kim_larsa 5

Lol true!

Her name is like how they name Big Bang Theory episodes.

#119 over react much???

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zingline89 18

How did you do the math so fast??

It's a pun. It's weak of him to do that.

rg350dx 29

No way!

Aww, crud. I thought a week was five days long; Saturday and Sunday were simply extras we were graciously allowed by our masters *ahem*...bosses.

MrSarcasmic 10

you used week and not weak

How do you count that fast? It takes me ages to do that.

Llama_Face89 33

13- that was the best you could think of..?

onealmxwilson 18

While it's not particularly funny, I don't think you guys are getting his pun here. He's using word play. Six days is less than a week, but he is also saying it was weak of the boyfriend to do that. The spelling is on purpose.

rg350dx 29

I read it as a drunk Russian whose only thought he could produce was the fact six days was less than a week.

Yeah well no shit

Sinse yall count so fast lets count how many people took this comment literally and completely missed the pun. Its funny how willing you people are to make some one feel dumb for a mediocre pun. *gets ready for thumbs down*

shyeahh_fml 19

I think most people are reading this as "That's less than A week."

#64: There is a difference between making one feel dumb, and simply verifying one's intelligence. Since*, y'all*, let's*, It's*

rg350dx 29

Let's look at it from both perspectives. Option 1. The commenter simply forgot to put the "A" in his comment rendering it, "That's less than a week" and as a result he would be criticized for poor proofreading skills. Option 2. The commenter was attempting to make a pun off of the words week and weak, which in itself isn't a particularly witty pun, but a pun none the less. Either way, the placement of the letter "A" is the determining factor for the judgment of this comment. Until the commenter clarifies, he is both bad at proofreading as well as mediocre at creating puns, simultaneously. This is essentially Schrödinger's comment.

Just say no to drugs.

#72 Well he's called thepunman, so you can take your guess...

man you guys really know how to beat the living hell out of a dead horse.

flockz 19

well ya the horse can't put up a fight. it's too week.

If that was a pun, it was a pretty week one.

No shit, Sherlock

Did you do that all in your head?

websphere69 27

In this case, I'd rather say yes to drugs, it might help make some of the "flames" easier to read.,.,

I don't care if it was a pun. It was a really bad one and didn't work in this situation. That's the problem I have with it.

jessicajackson_fml 8

You don't say???!!!!

Ugh, I am so glad you were here to do the math. I think I missed this vital class!

jessicajackson_fml 8


23Z9TZO 18

Thepunman.. Don't ever change

theninja1800 11

Overly attached boyfriend?

He's pulling a Mosby. (Hence the How I met your mother reference)

He could be using her.. just a thought

I actually thought of Friends. When Rachel is pissed off that Ross is getting married, so she proposes to the guy she's only had four dates with. Maybe this guy is annoyed that the woman he really loves is moving on, so he's using OP to prove that he's moved on too.

Sitcoms: Helping citizens across the world understand life.

Tell him you aren't ready if he really loves you he'll understand if he doesn't restraining orders where made for a reason.

vanessa09865 23


That's the only thing you're correcting? They didn't use commas lol.

These days everything has to be faster. Marry him and divorce two days later.

Beatlemaniac815 7

Or die two days later

If he got money that could work

GetSomeM0 24

you have to be married one year to get a divorce, op would have to get the marriage annulled

MrSarcasmic 10

found yourself a keeper

More like creeper.

Um...... wow........

You speak words of wisdom, #7..

Mads_1234 28

I think we can all learn from #7 how not to comment on FML.

I hope you didn't say yes out of shock. How did he propose?

Awe that's romantic :P

RedPillSucks 31

Actually, they hadn't moved from the spot yet. They were in the ticket line for a rack concert.

These days, it's YOLO, so marry him then divorce him within 40 hours - you'll break Brittany Spears' record of 55!

I posted the exact same idea, yet I get a vote down....

#30: You poor thing.

rg350dx 29

Did you want more down thumbs, 30? Because whining about it isn't going to get you up votes.

It's pretty simple, 30. Your comment read like it was a serious suggestion. 11's read like a joke.

Run far far away OP and save yourself.