By one_BAMF - 25/07/2010 05:06 - Canada

Today, I dislocated my shoulder. How? I went to a party with some friends and they each bet me $20 I couldn't lick my elbow. I guess I proved them wrong. FML
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Booze to get drunk enough to be stupid - $50 bet to lick own elbow - $20 hospital bill after dislocating own elbow - $2000 Look on your friends faces when you lick it - Priceless

well at least you proved yourself


shayyyyy 0

OP's username suits him, lol

how many friends bet u that? or was it $20 altogether?

ImsoMikhail 0

you tried so hard you dislocated you shoulder? o.0

op, this isn't an fml, you're epic!

LMFAOwned 9

Ha wow. Just... Wow. It's this kinda thing that makes us teenagers seem so unintelligent. A for effort though lol

8 - You spelled grammar wrong in your username... And way to go, OP.

hellokittywhore 0

^ WIN!!!!!!

59 - their name might be a crappy joke....but if they were serious, yes, you win.

twinny_sc 13

Hey dude you totally win! Why don't you celebrate and quit crying! :D

jamiebuczko 0

we are unintelligent.

bassguitar19 1

okay, big deal, pop it back in you stupid cunt

Melaniee_fml 0

don't complain you got twenty bucks.

Damn, OP, that shit hurts... And now you're fucked because without corrective surgery it will happen much easier next time. So be careful :P

xMaNNiNGx119 0

at least you won the bet!

They "each" bet him $20, I'm guessing he's getting more than $100. It's worth it tbh ;p

JoshTheMaggot 8

no joke I can actually lick my elbow. I'm weird like that. I'm double jointed so my fingers bend backwards unlike most people

Your double-jointed fingers have nothing to do with your capability of licking your elbow. Also, I can lick mine as well. Double jointed arms and jaws that dislocate for the win.

Thunderbender 2

Like. A. Boss.

that is amazing

spacerockerr37 0

I can lick my elbow too!(:

GregDaBossMaster 0

I wish I could lick my elbow...

Tweety122888 0

I bet you that a lot of people will try an lick their elbows when they read this fml

FreezeeMonsta 19

@ 116 indeed, i juss tried it!

well at least you proved yourself

zach55 0

did you get the 20 bucks?

zach55 0

wait how is this in the love catagory??

Because OP is a BAMF.

zach55 0

no just no

I guess OP is conceited then.

zach55 0

ok that I can agree with

zach55 0


zach55 0

but seeing a person to dislocate his arm for 20 bucks would be funny

Yes it would. Stupid people these days.

zach55 0

he was drunk

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Because he was kissing his true love. His elbow.

because when you write an fml it's automatically in the love category unless u change it so op must have forgotten to change it

58, OP just loves licking their elbow. That's all.

imababeee 0

I've tried licking my elbow on numerous occasions you beat me to it OP :)

Ratchet319 0

So how much did you make?

torrlynn37 0

hahaha ew but kudos for winning. they will not make a fool out of you. haha

Was 20 bucks really worth it?

zach55 0

what kind of question is that? 20 bucks is always worth it

it said THEY EACH bet 20 bucks.

Booze to get drunk enough to be stupid - $50 bet to lick own elbow - $20 hospital bill after dislocating own elbow - $2000 Look on your friends faces when you lick it - Priceless

Wow, when I dislocated my shoulder in footy (Aussie footy) they just popped it back in...

yeah, but 15's comment was still really funny XD

america only is 2 grand, or other shit health care countries. free up here in canadia ;)

ohthebloodygore 16

You can most likely pop it back in, I always pop it back in:) so really it's not a cost unless op was too much of a wuss to apply force and put it back in the socket.

hellokittywhore 0

yeah I've dislocated my shoulders twice each, mostly in motorcycle accidents and drunken stunts gone wrong, but I've never had to go to the hospital my friends just poped em back in. and yes, it hurt REALLY bad. :D

He they EACH bet 20 buck

It is canada, this is a win win, good booze, free health care and he made money off of it! GO OP

and doctors say this is impossible.Take that society!!

licking your elbow is perfectly possible, especially with people who have smaller body types, because their bone in their arm would be shorter. however, BITING your elbow IS impossible no matter what.

yupp so truee im short and can do it veryyy easy

Not if your arm is amputated..

Silkie 0

Two words: Hell. Yes. :D