By AquaKelly - United States - Newark
Today, I set a trap to catch a mouse that ran across my foot. Not only did the trap shut on my finger twice, but I watched the mouse run over the trap without it snapping shut. I guess I have a new roommate. FML
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  sweetbliss3  |  37

no. the sticky pads are just horrendous. they have to literally starve to death, unless you bash their head in to put them out of their misery. mouse traps are the best way to go, less horrible.

  notzax  |  19

Not if you find them fast enough. They can be handed over to SPCA or use gloves and pull the mouse away from the pad and release it outside. The best is a trap box actually because you can catch them and release them after without hurting them or leaving sticky residue on them. Just leave food in the box to bait and feed it for a bit until you come back to it.

  riffehunter  |  16

I've always found a bucket trap (minus the water and plus a wad paper towels to soften the fall) to be very effective for me, I've caught every local pest including mice, chipmunks, rats, and once the neighbors hamster (which was quite a suprise)

By  tj4234  |  35

Try a humane catch trap. Less messy and if the mouse grabbed the bait off the last trap, it'll have to run into the humane one to get the bait and not over it.