By _Oblivion_ - 27/11/2011 01:51 - United States

Today, I fractured my finger setting up a rat trap. FML
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19- Give 1 a break. He's a purple ostrich with an identity crisis. He's got far more important things on his mind than proper grammar.


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Karma is a bitch. Try harming some living creature and nature snaps back, literally.

I think it would be more ironic if the rat set up a human trap which severely damaged the OP. But that's just me.

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71---dude omg hahahaha that's some funny shit!

It's more a bad turn of events than irony. In fact it's not really ironic at all.

its a rat you don't deserve a broken finger for killing it. do you know What happens when you don't kill of a pestilential animal? mass disease.

Rats themselves don't spread diseases, like most people believe. The fleas that live on rats-as well as other animals-spread the disease.

#91: does it matter? That's just the mechanism by which rats spread disease. The end result is the same - if you don't want people to die of disease you need to control the rat population.

Omg I wanna snap like 16 mouse traps on your face

7 That sounds delightfully exciting. May I watch?

I would sell tickets for a show like that...

I would buy tickets for a show like that.

It's not stupidity, it's called an accident. Everyones been snapped by them at one point.

OP, I am proud to say I've never had that happen to me. Although I am sorry about your finger. Hope you catch the rat.

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I would eat nachos at a show like that..

I had a rap trap snap on my thumb once. Hurt like hell for a few days, but it wasn't broken. Did you get the rat? Because I didn't. It's been 5 months.

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He fractured his finger in a mouse trap as well?

4- In my opinion that song is the worst song in recent memory. It is very repetitive, and it's lyrics are shit in the first place. Those two aspects blended with overwhelming amounts of mainstreamness do not bode well for a song. I like some songs by Maroon 5, but that song is NOT one of them.

31, all little kids like that song for some reason. It's incredibly annoying, but it's probably not gonna stop soon.

31- No, I'm not a fan of this song either. it just came to mind when I read it.

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I don't really mind the song. It's just a really different turn for Maroon 5. A turn I'm not particularly fond of bands taking.

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21- A RAT trap. Significantly larger and more powerful than a mouse trap.

#73 That's brilliant, I will now think of those alternate lyrics whenever I hear this song...

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didnt tom get his dick stuck in a mouse trap?

I think that Tom's main issue in the show was that he didn't ever try just one normal mousetrap. Though doubtless it would have ended in hilarity and pain.

74- Tom tried many mousetraps, and it did end in hilarity. My brother and I laughed so hard!!!!! XD I'm laughing just thinking about it!

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If you have used one you would understand. OP was just unlucky enough to actually break something. I have stood on a mousetrap at least three times myself.

It's a mousetrap... They're pretty easy to trigger.

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No. It's a rat trap. They are much bigger and stronger. I have came close to doing the same thing a couple of times.

How do you fracture your finger with a rat trap? Very painfully.

I did that once too, that game is so hard to set up. Nobody even plays it to win really; we just like to watch the trap thingy go throu.... Oh. Rat trap. Never mind.

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92 it's an old board game that is rather complicated to set up. It's very fun though.

I loved that game when I was younger. I wonder if I still have it...

Isn't it called Mouse Trap? I don't mean this as an unnecessary correction, I'm just unsure and want to know for myself.

That was the point of my comment. I was making a joke that he got hurt setting up a rat trap and the game mouse trap is actually rather difficult to set up.

That's why I prefer the spray. Live and learn buddy, live and learn!


Why did that get thumbed down? "Milk helps build strong bones." Haven't you seen the got milk advertisements.

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Something is fishy about this FML.... I just can't put my finger on it- Oh yeah, it is the fact that you are a dumbass. FYL and YDI because you are a (see word dumbass).

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There's something fishy about his comment... oh yeah! You're a douchebag!

Ok asshole please tell me how I am a dumbass for doing that

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It isn't hard to break your finger in a rat trap. They're actually easier to trigger and harder to set up than a mouse trap in my opinion and the spring is wound A LOT tighter. They're made to break the necks of large rats. Fingers don't stand much more of a chance.