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Sorry Mr Nibbles

Today, I was at my boyfriend's house, meeting his family for the first time. We were all standing in the kitchen when suddenly a small white and brown mouse ran by. Out of natural instinct, I stomped on it. Turns out, it was his little sister's pet mouse that had gotten out of its cage earlier. FML
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  KingAfter  |  0

your epic commentary has just made me join FML xD
I thought of it already, before I read that, but you made me finally join.

and to the FML:
don't just stomp animals, except if they're insects, because nobody likes THEM anyways and nobody would keep them as a pet. ouch! cruel!
but I guess someone should've told you that they have a mouse before you come in...

  TheLoneWolf87  |  4

Wasnt it a mouse not an insect? R tard.

Anywho We were breeding your lindsey lohan and rosie Odonnel and we were surprised. Your lindsey lohan was holding an egg. You do want it dont You?


MAMA LUIGI hatched from the egg.

  Illumi113  |  0

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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Jee, I think it's better because it's AMAZING.
Think about it... all this stuff... working so logically and such... so complicated to make something so extremely simple. I just think that's fucking awesome. Of all things to happen because of some little nothings building on little nothings building on little nothings...

I've a feeling you're one of the kind of people to say these kinds of things, then scream and cry for your life when you're faced with imminent death (ex: a gun to your head).

  Lucia_Malpense  |  14

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  xNephilim  |  18

See, I wouldn't even say that mice deserve to live more than a bug does... I just refuse to stomp on any animal, bug or not, that's big enough to splatter intestines and other nasty crap all over the floor. A small bug? Ok. A mouse? Hell no. Can you imagine the mess?