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Today, I sent out a text saying "Smile! You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." to most of my contacts. I got one reply, from my best friend, saying, "Are you fucking stupid?" FML
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She must stupid be to send out a spam text... That's nearly as bad as those FWD: FWD: chain emails... OP, YDI!

I agree, you deserve it for being stupid.

34 - argh they're so annoying! I hate it when I forget to forward one on and then die the next day :(

People need to realize that some people in the world are just plain ugly

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*facepalm* I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

Awww the stupidity of young people these days.

103 that's what every generation says about the younger one.

"Are you or are you not stupid?" "Yes." |the kid|

Because every new generation gets progressively worse

OP why would you tell such a lie to people in the first place?

Yes. OP is stupid. Chain texts are annoying. Any messages chained is annoying though.

Seriously people, she was being nice frnd to all of her contacts .... So thats not stupid and if OP has sent this msg to 'x' number of people then still no one will know that she texted same to everyone .... However if they still get to know somehow then still its not stupid to cheer up others. Its just no one cheers you up so you people saying OP YDI lol no OP dont deserve it and you all DI :p

Incorrect. Being a "good friend" to someone is to encourage them in a personal way. For example: "Congrats on your promotion at work" or "Happy Birthday!" or "You look so good since the weight loss." It's personal; the person sending the message knows something about the person they're speaking to, and they say something that is tailored to the person they're sending the message to. A generic "You are all beautiful!" is not encouraging, because it's a generic message that says that she doesn't care enough about her friends to actually communicate with them on an individual level. It's lazy. Instead of communicating encouragement or affection, it communicates: "I do not think you're worth any of my real time." So yeah, OP deserved it. And hopefully she learned a valuable lesson.

Inspiring messages aren't too appreciated anymore :P

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Well, people throw them around trying to sound understanding and compassionate, but their actions are in stark contrast to the person they apparently wish to be. That, to me, is what makes all these "inspirational" quotes so annoying.

Yup. Some people do throw them around like water. And then you get that one person, who is being genuine, and really means it. That is what makes these "inspirational quotes", once in a while, special. :D

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I think the only way I can really see them as special is if they're truly sincere, which to me does not mean copying and pasting from some website. To me, it means originating from the person sending/saying/posting them, from personal experience and thought. But I don't know, maybe it's just me. Everybody else seems to love plagiarized inspirational quotes.

I agree. The only way this tripe means anything is if it's done on a personal, spur of the moment, one to one level.

And I am not arguing with you in the least! I quite agree on some levels. But some people do not always understand why these messages are not appreciated. Some people, are just trying to make a friend smile... : D

When I have a breakdown I send my friends long creepy 50-message-long-messages on why I love them so much and why they are so great

-86 Funny, I do the same thing, but to the neighbor girl down the street.... Maybe that's the reason she filed for a restraining order?

The most annoying over-used quote that gets plagarised these days is "I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best". Everything with **** and the ability to talk seems to think they're Marilyn Monroe, and most of them must be oblivious to the fact as they say this as though it's their own thought expecting nobody to call them on it. Off topic slightly, but it just reminded me of this.

The mbti categorization "sf" makes up the majority of the world, heartwarming quotes are used as are humans drinking water! You can't avoid them •—•

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Did you get my text? Yes Well you didn't text me back? Yep Mama youre an awesome person. ;)

Or maybe sending out a meaningless mass text like that to seem caring and benevolent is ******* stupid.

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It's so fun to say benevolent.. Benevolent.

The only thing worse than those kind of chain texts/ emails are the glurgey ones featuring dying children and Jesus.

No one ever sends me those type of texts...

No what's worse are the texts that say if you don't send it to 15 other contacts something bad will happen. I detest those.

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52- So Sally won't come to my room at midnight?

68 - What kind of person wants a DYING CHILD to come to their room at midnight?!

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My fault, I forgot to add *sigh of relief*.

You apparently don't get very many forwards...

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75, are you ******* stupid? Quote on quote, Opa best friend.

MwahFMLS 6

Whoops, I mean OPs. Look like I'm the stupid one!

68-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA never laughed so hard on a fml comment!!

I agree with your best friend. Those are the most annoying texts ever, no one wants them you dumbass.