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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Your mom is a very viable comeback when.. Wait no. But this was hilarious anyways, had the funniest picture in my mind; Cop: "where did you just come from speeding like that?!" *takes of glasses* Your moms house." hahah.. So dumb xD

  Sniperkid07  |  6

Well I was pulled over by the coolest cop in the world... He said " Why were you speeding back there?" I said " Because I was having fun..." He said I used to have fun... Then I took an arrow to the knee." I then reflexively said " Your mom took an arrow to the knee! " I got a warning!!!!

  JayBear14  |  11

4- You are destined to be fat when you are older. Not because you are against dating fat chicks, but because you think your cool by displaying it in a picture.

  jake98899889  |  4

185- theirs a little difference between "living a little" then just being a Dumbass. I wouldn't call smarting off to a cop with a 12 year old joke is "living a little". Just saying. Have some common sense..

  kotabones  |  0

These posts remind me of the tourets southpark where cartman pretends to have tourets and in doing so can no longer censor himself. people are becoming stupid and tend to forget the social structure/environment they are in. What are you going to tell the judge when he asked why you would say that? " ask your mom she was there too". Morons ydi maybe youll learn to shut up

By  loserman67  |  35

So, how many times did he nightstick you before he wrote the enormous ticket? You deserve an ass beating for saying that to anyone, but to say it to a COP? Are you just plain stupid? You probably also send food back in restaurants after telling the waiter to tell the chef that you've have better food at the chef's mom's house. I am very much suprised that you are still alive. Word of advice - slow down - brain in gear BEFORE mouth goes into motion. You'll live longer.

  MickMitch  |  0

Atta kid my dads a sheriff and whenever I get pulled over on the highway all his friends laugh and let me off with warnings... Yeah, it's pretty legit.

  glharmony  |  0

People are so judgemental. Who is worse? Him for making an honest stupid mistake or you guys for acting like you're his parents or something that you can lecture him and talk shit? It's funny get the fuck over it.