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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I fucking hate group messages! So much.. Everyone decides to respond to it and you even have those people that'll continue a conversation through it. It doesn't take much more effort to text people by themselves. Seriously guys, just send a text to one person, not 15.

  Voij  |  16

Well, technically speaking, you can learn to love someone. You just can't learn to love anybody. (As an example, most arranged marriages actually work out well, it's just that the bad ones are the only ones that become known to the public.)
So if OP possibly likes the girl in question, just doesn't have any romantical feelings for her yet, then he could theoretically give it a shot, see where things take them. He might just end up falling in love with her.
Although, he should only do this if he thinks that there's a chance for feelings to develop. (Else he would hurt her much more than if he'd just rejected her straight away.)

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Ruining the friendship is the lamest excuse ever. Most friends come and go anyway. Unless you and your friend stay in the same town for the rest of your lives, you will grow apart. Take the risk or find a better reason.
OP, maybe give it a try. You obviously friend zoned this girl, but maybe you two will actually find a connection. Or, if you find her completely repulsive, take her on a few horrible dates to show her how bad being with you is so she gets over it without ruining the friendship. Try being really boring, not a jerk. Girls stay with jerks.


66- Not all friends necessarily grow apart. My mother has been friends with the same woman for 35 years, and my mom lives in Georgia, while her friend still lives in Pennsylvania.

  amDes  |  11

As some friendships last I can see this one going either way. From experience, I have found if you have the feeling of being in love with someone and they don't have feelings back, it is very hard to watch them bring a girlfriend around and having to watch them be together after he already knows how you feel. Some people can bounce back after time and some just stay away from them.

By  Lilxpie  |  18

I hope you at told her (in a nice way) if you are or aren't interested in her in that way. Just hope the other friends also want to do something with you. :P

By  LPac5295  |  27

I can see where this would be embarrassing. But if you like her back then it'll look good on you especially if all of your friends like her. Count your blessings OP.