By tatertotes13 - United States - West Bridgewater
Today, I was trying to fix a stapler, but it turns out it wasn't broken at all. It wouldn't staple a small stack of papers but had no trouble stapling through my finger. FML
tatertotes13 tells us more :
OP here. Apparently this requires more explanation than I thought. The stapler was jammed so I opened the top to see if the staples were stuck. When I went to close it, the top took a lot of force to close again. My hand slipped and it sent a staple into my finger. It was an accident. I wasn't "testing it out on my finger." At the time, I was in school. I was using the only stapler in the library and it's not like I could leave school in the middle of the day to "go buy a new one." Have a little more faith in me.
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  Joisan  |  20

OP probably was trying to open up the stapler to check if a staple was jammed and the stapler fired by accident. Highly doubt they were deliberately trying to staple their finger.