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By indefiniteforest - 10/09/2016 04:11 - United States - Hillsboro

Today, my best friend texted me and told me she broke up with her boyfriend. Trying to be supportive, I sent a long message about how he never deserved her and that I was there for her if she needed someone to vent to. She replied, "Are you high?" FML
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"Are you high?" "Well I ain't fucking low"

That "not deserve you" gambit is a dead giveaway of stonedness.


Not the best friend. Then again, it could be the message that you sent.

Let me rephrase myself. I meant, she doesn't seem like the best type of friend to send long, heartfelt messages to, but I could just be understanding it wrong. I was half-asleep when I typed that comment. Still am, actually.

inb4 another correction. On a serious note, some people just don't like to be sent long messages when they're hurt because 1. They just want to be left alone 2. They don't want to read it 3. They don't care. You know, it sucks not being able to cheer somebody up.

It also sucks not being able to be cheered up and having someone try to cheer you up. Sometimes you just gotta be mad for a bit and get over it yourself

You should have called her instead

That "not deserve you" gambit is a dead giveaway of stonedness.

So most of FML most of the time, then?

Maybe she was just like deflecting the compliment? I don't know, it's weird that she'd say that.

Maybe she didn't want to pour her heart out to you if you were stoned?

She's still hurting even if she just broke up. That's something to consider in those situations.

Y'all are stupid - her bestfriend said SHE broke up with her boyfriend, meaning she was the one who ended the relationship. That's why she said "are you high?" because she didn't need to be consoled, her boyfriend on the other hand, idk about him.

Just because you break up with someone, does not mean that it has no effect on you. I'm not saying that is the case here, but your logic is flawed when stated as a generalization.

"Are you high?" "Well I ain't fucking low"

writergirl1029 17

She may have also thought OP was trying to hook up with her. She had no grounds to believe that, but it's an explanation for why she reacted that way.

why would she say that? not nice!