By cheshirealyce - 05/03/2015 17:36 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, my day began with a "Good morning, beautiful." and ended with a "Maybe someone would love you if you were pretty." FML
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Since it's in the love section, I'm assuming OP's SO said both. With that said, OP should tell their SO "maybe somebody would love you if you weren't a ******* asshole."

I'm really hoping it wasn't by the same person and definitely not her SO. Op, if your boyfriend/husband is the one saying that then I would have a good talk with him as it sounds like he just said that to hurt your feelings (as he obviously doesn't think you're ugly from the previous comment). It's one thing to have an argument or fight with your significant other, it's a totally different thing when they're saying things during those fights that are intentionally hurtful. If your SO intentionally try's to hurt you during your arguments then that needs to be addressed, the same way it would need to be addressed if you intentionally try and hurt him. Sit down and have a talk with your SO and explain that if you love each other, you shouldn't try and hurt each other during a disagreement and that both of you may need to work on that. Best of luck op!

Actually I agree with 47. Don't call your SO an asshole because it will just make it worse. Solve it before it's too late.

That's when you smash that mirror into a thousand pieces.

well that's rude, if it was the same guy who said these things i hope you gave him a nice girl power bitch slap !

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what if it was a girl though?

What does girl power have to do with this? Girls can do the same thing to a guy, we care about our appearances, we aren't brutes.

so start a fight over a shruggable insult? love the advice if a girl ever calls me a name guess a can slap her in the face unless you are one of those double standards people who thinks hitting guys is the solution to everything.

lol why are the most simple comments always thumbs down??

Because they're almost always unnecessary.

Welcome to FML; if your comment is not grammatically correct, plain and simple, not witty, ignorant or seemingly stupid, it's thumbed down and deemed not necessary. Enjoy your stay.

There was nothing more to say that wasn't wittily cruel or saccharinely sympathetic. It sucked that it happened to the OP and that was that.

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#55 I know right.. it's like people are afraid of getting thumbs down so they go with 'Oh sweet OP, sorry' 'Oh my God, you mean ex right?!' 'don't worry OP, the world is made of fields of rose and lilies, this or that will be fine' c'mon fml. But OP, you've got skills tho.. from 100-0 in one day.

Impressive, you went from beauitful to ugly in one day

Yes, usually that happens overnight

Ignore the second statement. Some people are just awful and need to upset others to feel good about themselves. You are beautiful either way :)

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