By kittykat033 - 08/03/2014 17:19 - United States - Honolulu

Today, I started at my new job. My manager, upon meeting me, hugged me and sniffed my neck, then commented that I smelled "natural" and told me how much he loves that. I have to work with this creep until god knows when. FML
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The worst part is OP probably needs the money, so it could be a choice between having enough money to eat, have a place to live, etc. and not dealing with that creep. Hopefully she can open a sexual harassment claim against him.

Hopefully your boss gets sued for sexual harassment soon

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You have been the first to comment on two fmls today... Conspiracy? Probably not.

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don't quit! report this creep!

lmao. Report him for what he didn't sexually harass her.

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if op files for a claim for sexual harassment she has to make sure she has proof. or if that doesnt work she can just try to avoid the guy and only interact when it involves work!

I'm assuming that you never went through sexual harassment trainings at work. Anything physical that makes someone else uncomfortable can be grounds for a sexual harassment complaint.

I think he can't do nothing to her and she should get this job and let him burn. Come on guys we did not get to the point where managers can rape their employee

Don't quit, either confront him, go to Human Resources, whatever Sexual Harassment department the place has, your managers boss, or another manager. And if it's a small place and there is nothing, ask a coworker to go with you and speak to him about it. He may no idea he made you feel uncomfortable.

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42, this isn't sexual assault.. but it IS harassment!

He greeted her! -_- damn no one can be friendly anymore....

Be friendly with your words, not your arms. Or your nose. Would you want him sniffing YOUR neck on your first meeting?

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That's not how professional greet employees. Usually it's a hand shake. Not a full on hug and a sniff of the neck.

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65, I really hope you're joking.. for the sake of your future relationships both personal and professional because this is so wrong.

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upon meeting a person you're going to have a professional relationship with, you never hug! if someone's fragrance is strong enough, sure I can smell it, but I didn't try to purposely lol

Call me crazy, but the boss might just be really REALLY awkward at first impressions (I know I am). If he doesn't stop being creepy within a month, THEN you should start looking for another job.

I'm creepy to people when they first meet me, but after the second time they meet me, they don't think I'm creepy - just that I say whatever is on my mind, without any bad intentions. I think waiting a month is a bit too long...

Yeah, I come as of creepy as well, but after a while I'm not so creepy. Just ask any of my victims... I mean any of my friends.

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It reminds me of that Criminal Minds episode where that guy would find a woman who smelled good, then kill them to make scented candles. :/

Congrats on your new job! At the same time, my deepest condolences on your new manager...

At least he didn't say you smell like shit.

I have a too busy schedule to fit that in. Sorry.

perhaps i should have phrased that differently. Must remember that sarcasim does not always translate over the internet. dude be creey

Hey, no one wants to work with a stinky person!

That's extremely inappropriate. Maybe report him to some kind of regional manager (anyone higher up) if possible if it continues. Hope it gets better!

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It's kinda the thought that the first thing he thought to do (instead of introducing himself or showing her around) is to hug and sniff her. It is just very odd and really upfront

If it continues OP could just put a bit of coke on her neck and wait for drug tests to do it's job. Problem solved ;)

You'll have to stick your neck out and tell him how you feel, or get stuck with the weight of knowing this creep will do this everyday on your shoulders.

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Sad to see a quality pun rich comment getting down voted Pleo, alas, sadly times are changing compadre.

I think it was thumbed down because it was hard to read, mainly.

Do not stand for this! Are you serious?! "I have to work with this creep for god knows when"? Report him to his higher up. You do not have to let yourself lose dignity for some slimeball.

At least he didn't go into the details of what "natural" smelled like to him.