By Anonyme - 19/09/2010 04:44 - Algeria

Today, I’m on a mission in Africa. My company driver is so old, deaf and half blind that I have to scream what is written on all the road signs at him, and tell him to which way to turn… so he can point the car in that general direction and hope for the best. FML
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On a mission? well it's not a Mission Impossible with you helping

it got lost on the way. :-)


On a mission? well it's not a Mission Impossible with you helping

Take the wheel?

You can tell all the people you work with how your reluctance to take things on (half) blind faith might've saved your life. Wait, maybe not while on a mission.

This was submitted in 2010...

it got lost on the way. :-)

I still have no idea why "FML World" does this.

It was a secret mission and just now you are allowed to know about it.

Isn't the whole point of being a missionary to demonstrate your complete faith in god and to be chill about everything that comes your way. God's driving...right?

In this case Jesus really does need to take the wheel.

*insert appropriate slavery joke*

The worst thing you'll hit are a couple of gazelles and perhaps a hut, but nothing to serious.

I guess the mission now is to Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive...