By Nice Melons - 29/09/2013 21:12 - United States

Today, at work as a cashier, I was scanning cantaloupes. The man buying them then looked me straight in the eye and said, "Nice melons." FML
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Well, at least he wasn't looking you straight in the boobs.

Hey it's a compliment. For both you and the fruit. Bravo


Hey it's a compliment. For both you and the fruit. Bravo

At least he wasn't also buying a cucumber.

I don't know 21, cucumbers are pretty healthy

21-then would he have said nice shaft?

Wait 'til "The Joker" in him sees your peaches and wants to shake your tree. :P

Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time. Come on baby now, I'll show you a good time.

Don't forget to speak of the pompotus of love:-)

threer 30

It technically is sexual harassment, yes? Because she posted an FML about it so it's unwanted sexual attention.. It's not bad but it still is.

Well, at least he wasn't looking you straight in the boobs.

I'm sure OPs tits are just gorgeous.

Too bad op is a dude

Too bad it says she's female.

Peter I'm holding melons,, a real family guy fan will remember this scene

Peter, I'm holding hooters

You're wife is hot. *scurries away*

I kind of get the feeling this FML was only posted so that this comment could show up

Better than him saying "Hey your melons are looking a bit small" or "Wow those melons are a bit saggy, aren't they?"

Some people would just rather not get comments on their body at all, especially when it comes to their breasts.

#7, Jesus Christ, if you're going to be on a site like this you gotta be able to handle joking and shit, don't you think you're being a bit too literal for a site titled Fuck My Life?

I'm just over here... Wondering what the hell a saggy cantaloupe or watermelon would look like!

9, you're comment should also apply to Xalandra.

threer 30

Here in FML we like taking shit too seriously. All the more conflict!

I feel like this is a compliment. maybe awkward, but you should accept it :D

Yes, all women should accept unwanted sexual advances and references as compliments.... how about no?

Nice pussy Xalandra!!!

Not sure you'd like her. Some asshole's dogs got loose and they trampled her to death on the sidewalk next to my house over a year ago, not sure you'd think she looks so nice now.

threer 30

No one should have to accept unwanted sexual advances, including men. Yes, it's wrong and shouldn't have been taken so lightly and without morals even within the FML community.

Unwanted sexual advances? What the hell is flirting then? Has everyone you have ever flirted with been interested in you? Otherwise you've committed sexually harassment by your definition multiple times. Harassment isn't just one incidence. It is multiple with knowledge of how you're making the victim feel uncomfortable. If we lay sexually harassment down in your standard, then everyone who has tried asking someone out, complimenting someone, and other such things without the other party interested could be defined as sexually harassment. No one could ask anyone out without fear of being slapped with a lawsuit because the other person just isn't interested.

Next time, just look him up and down and say... "There's just enough room to fit a small banana between them!"

*cough* Or a small snake.. *lowers glasses* That's right I went there

LOL! That is hilarious to me because in my last profile picture, I did have a very small snake popping out of my cleavage.

You made your boa a boa.

lol peoples way of flirting tgese days are really.. weird

I just want to say, I love melons

Me too. I love how firm yet squishy they are.

that looked like a dog and a tiger having a conversation together...

what's the big deal, either the melons are nice or your boobies. it's a win win who doesn't like juicy fruit

"You coconut touch my melons" This is why I shouldn't be allowed to make comments. I shall see myself out