By noweddingforyou - 29/09/2013 19:21 - Canada - Guelph

Today, my girlfriend walked in on me taking a dump, and started plucking her eyebrows. When I told her I was uncomfortable, she said, "Aww, is my baby's poo shy? Is it, is it?" and pinched my cheek. FML
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That's when you say "yes, it has a boo-boo, will you kiss and make it better?"


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CockAsian 14

Yea but I'd rather not shit in front of my girlfriend either. That's if I had one.

Every relationship should keep some aspect of mystery around it... Just because you're having sex does NOT mean you have to talk about poo together.

martin8337 35

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Nope, 29- only if it's butt sex.

She should respect him if he's uncomfortable with it, but overall I don't find this weird. People fart, poop, and pee. It's reality and most people in strong long term relationships aren't embarrassed about that.

martin8337 35

#34 Giggity.

jw90 18

There's just some things you don't share with them.

missd420 16

I'm married and I'm still not totally comfortable with pooping in front of my husband. It varies from person to person.

atrandom 11

I poop in front if my husband, as he does in front of me. Actually it's the perfect time to attack with shaving cream or a bucket if water. The other person is stuck on the toilet.


Is there only one mirror in their place? Seriously... I wouldn't have even been able to tolerate the smell . Grody

You sir have found a keeper

That's when you say "yes, it has a boo-boo, will you kiss and make it better?"

I don't think it's particularly romantic to kiss someone while they're taking a dump. Edit; Nevermind, I misread the FML.

asnakelovinbabe 16

I lol'ed at how hard you misread this FML in order to take THAT from it.... It's so far from what it actually said... Haha

Parkour_rocks 20

That's nasty (Cleveland voice)

Aww you can do it. Good boy. ;)

Lasagnaa 24

Why not lock the door?

Not all homes have locks on every door

Who doesn't have a lock on their bathroom door though??

At least it wasn't like your grandma or something. If you're going to get serious with her you should learn to get comfortable around her

I'm sorry but I disagree. My husband and I have been married for almost three years and we still don't "read a magazine" with the door open. There are still some things that are sacred, and poo time is one. Boundaries...

That's the great thing about people, everyone is different. I've been married for just over 3 years and my husband and I have not had a problem with seeing each other in the bathroom even when we were just dating. Some people don't find pooping "sacred". To each their own.

monnanon 13

i dont mind about my husband being in the bathroom if im using it but hes a bit funny about coming in even if im in the shower. he will if he needs to but it doesnt happen a lot

Well is it?

lanco_fml 10 up

this "man up" crap is very annoying

thats a shity situation

Did you just go there? You just went there didn't you. Oh damn. You're brave. Stupid. But brave. I hope you know how to swim, because you'll be drowning in the ocean of down vote. Ok. I think you get my point.

no please be more clear.

DrownedMyFish 18

Every god damn time there is a shit related FML, we get this comment. Have you not noticed that everybody that uses this comment gets down voted to hell? What makes you think you would have been any different?

misspulkadot you ROCK!

Well I thought it was funny...

asnakelovinbabe 16

To add to what 30 said... Now that I think about it.... There are a LOT of shit-related FML's! A scary large proportion of them! I always tap on them to read comments so I can spot the person that made this exact comment and it never, ever fails! Someone ALWAYS says this and ALWAYS gets buried. FML should consider making this a badge: You commented "that's a shitty situation" and didn't get buried!"

that would be an unobtainable badge. you'd always get buried

The left one.

The left buttcheek*

Ari1337 15

"I hope you mean the cheeks on your face!"

ViviMage 38

Lock the bathroom door!!

Maybe there is not a lock on the door. Mine doesn't have one.

CockAsian 14

I'm curious to know which cheek she pinched.