By everyonehatesme - 02/05/2010 08:37 - Malaysia

Today, I signed in my msn messenger. Everyone in my friends list apparently changed their status to 'busy' or 'away' when they saw me online, including my crush. FML
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You're probably annoying as hell?

Well, I doubt they did it because you signed in. I block all the annoying people, I'd never bother to change my status whenever someone I don't like signed in.


yea true, you and ure life is ****** :S

gulf 0

Stop being so self concious op, I'm sure you're not the reason everyone's so busy.

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sign in invisibly and nudge everyone

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7 and 9, you guys would be a great match..... ;P

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well maybe u should be less anoying

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Sorry, but #9 isn't my type.

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what's ur type then..? Warcraft princesses?

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#34 - preferably a level 80 Warcraft princess.

Boo hoo, how do you know their statuses changed just because you signed in?

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45-he's allowed to have his own hobbies..don't mock him

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#45 - I'm older than you, and I'm in a better college than you'll ever get into. Yes, I play World of Warcraft, but that doesn't mean I'm a loser or I don't have a social life. Maybe you're the one who needs to grow up and stop judging people over the internet just based on their hobbies and a stupid picture, k?

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yea ok well dats y i agreed with 47

And apparently you used your Warcraft powers to know what college she's getting into. Huh.

boatkicker 4

"I'm older than you, and I'm in a better college than you'll ever get into." I'm going to have to second 45 here with the "grow up" statement. You're telling them not to judge when you just made a judgment about where they will go to school. I'm curious to know what school you go to. Also, if you really think that being older than someone makes you better, you're a fool. Experience makes you better, but age isn't a guarantee for that.

Hey Gulf? I'm not making fun of you at all- but why do you have a picture of yourself in your underwear?

College? don't you mean guild faggit? /Trolll

gulf 0

Yeah I'm guilty of judging people based on their looks as well. Damn it, looks like I'm human too. I got to UPenn. Not the greatest school ever, but it's up there. And why is everyone on my back? What did I do to gravely offend each of you? I think you people need to relax and not be so damn serious over the internet.

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53 is everybodys type. definately mine.

At least 7 doesn't sound like a YouTube comment - unlike #9. dats rite keep rockin systah!

lol i always do that but only cuz i dont want my dumbass cousin to talk to me, but i talk to everyone else just sign in INVISIBLY op

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:D I win this thread for having the most experience because all my pokemon are level 101. Yeah that's right. Bitches.

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I thought level 60 was the highest you could get in that game.

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WTF 71! is that Bush eatting a cat? D:

that happened to me once, except no one changed there status to away or busy, but u know, same diff

gulf, Renisca, and boatkicker: If bARbi3 doesn't bother to comment in literate English, that's her choice and her right; I don't really care. But to be fair, she can't get pissed when people assume she isn't intelligent. Likewise, gulf can post any picture he wants, but when he posts a nerdy one, he should know people will assume he's a nerd. It's just a matter of how you portray yourself. I think gulf got too defensive, but he just did what we all do-- made an assumption based on how bARbi3 was portraying herself. She admitted to doing it earlier too. It's the internet; EVERYONE makes snap judgements based on things like pictures and grammar.

Yeah, I think the Internet tends to make people into tightasses. xD My bad.

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96- i agree wit u n dats y i let it go a long time ago so idk y gulf kept goin at it... And second of all i do know correct grammar. I just don't see why it's so important for people here on fml to use proper spelling and grammar? I mean it's not English class.

i'd like to be "friends" with barbie doll

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Ajjas013 6

...He's trying to get in your pants. Sheesh you really are dumb. Just kidding :)

#77 mine are too. when I played in like 3rd grade.

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I EAT PUSSY! im just sayin... 

hey gulf, I'll be your princess any day. ;)

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yes it is bush eating a cat. don't judge me!! lol j/k. I like it

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96 - Closure. My picture is nerdy? :( It's kinda old too.

bARbi3: That's why I said it's your choice-- you don't have to type like you're in class. But since FML attracts an older group of people as well, you *will* be judged on your grammar. In adult circles we (or at least, people like myself) judge our peers on grammar etc. more often-- for example, if a plumber doesn't take the extra few minutes to proofread his ad, knowing that this is the only contact he'll have with thousands of potential clients, do I really want him working on my house? Maybe he'll rush through that too and miss something important. It's just a little filter that you use more often as you age, and it becomes habit. If you just want to have fun here and goof off, type however you want. If you want to be taken a little more seriously in the discussions that develop, use better spelling and grammar. That's just how the world works.

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113 yea ur rite... i dont get on here much any way

Aww gulf, it's ok. Nerds are a weakness of mine. Too bad for you, I'm already married ;) BTW, I hope I'm not coming off as condescending. I don't mean to be. I'm just spending a lazy Sunday in bed and thinking way too much about the comments.

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Nerd fetish? That's probably the most unique next to the shredded newspaper fetish. Yeah, Iraq hates you too. No thanks, I had 3 strokes for breakfast :)

Please make me supreme moderator. this wouldve been rejected because im programs have a lag that causes statuses to update a lil bit after someone logs in. this fml is a misunderstanding of that fact and undermines your site.

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hmm.....don't know whether or not to be offended so I'm gonna close with this... I STROKE IT TO THE EAST. AND I STROKE IT TO THE WEST AND I STROKE IT TO THE WOMAN THAT I LOVE THE BEST! IM STROKIN!!!! p.s. . 

Blue_Coconuts 7

Do people actually think the Warcraft kid is really him? That picture is old as ****...

Colin, I don't; I'm just playing along :)

dont worry when you graduate and start putting out more youll have tons of friends who are not too busy or away.

#99 you obviously didn't let it go if your still talking about. geez. people these days get so defensive and retarded. get over it. both of you grow up and the world will keep on spinning.

113, my guess is that anyone who wants to be taken seriously is publishing in a real journal.

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Amen! I'm only 24 and that text type stuff bugs the shit out of me!! doesn't mean people don't know proper grammar of course, I personally think it makes them sound dumb. Great way to phrase your opinion! Thanks!

I have to admit I thought that was actually gulf in the dp. I was wondering what age he went to uni since the pic is stamped 2008 and he looks extremely young. But then, I am literally a cartoon angel so I believe everything. For the record, I agree with boatkicker and IrishJaneDoe in this rather pathetic and unnecessarily instigated battle. Nerds are hot. Spelling will count towards your grade.  I too am bored on a Sunday...kthxbai.

gulf, if Barbie doll ain't your type.. are you gay?

Blue_Coconuts 7

I'm bored too, my last Hockey game was last night, now I have nothing to do ever. :(

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aww op don't feel sad. I would totallydo the same to you even tho I don't know you :}

Heh 147, I'm only 27 but I've always been kinda old.

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nope. kitty cat. hence the reference to "pussy"

#155, you play or the pro season is over? Hockey is one of the few sports I never got into at all. Looks fun though.

RaIeigh 0

Hockey looks so incredibly boring to me :/. Except for the fights >:].


Monikabug 9

@Raleigh, hockey is much more fun when you play it, I would know. :)

RaIeigh 0

Yah, you're probably right Monika. It's just one of those sports that I can't sit and watch, like baseball.

IhateIRAQ needs to get banned, people like him are the reason anti-flood was made.

zakkyzebra 11

he is a nerd but there isnt anything wrong with that >.> DFTBA

Blue_Coconuts 7

I play hockey, usually center, but I'm a decent left wing as well. My buddy and I got invited to play in the Swiss league a few months back, we would have done it because the experience is amazing, but the pay isn't enough to get us to both leave school and our jobs.. The league isn't like super good or anything, it just would have been a lot of fun.. I play football too, when the games/practices interfere with each other I usually go for football since the season is shorter and has less games.. I play wide receiver mostly, but I'd jump out as a free safety if our starter got hurt/tired.. I'm actually better than him at it, but my team didn't have anyone who could really play the Y receiver so that's what they wanted me to do haha... I'll probably be stopping football though, the hockey games are more flexible, so I can jump into other teams if they're short and invite me, or skip a game if I'm working or busy... Meh, love playing though, it's a blast. Last night I was on fire too, every time I shot the puck it seemed to go in. Also, I didn't really like hockey for a while because I didn't follow them.. But once I got into it, I fell in love with the sport. It's awesome.

#53 you're gay and are not old enough to go to college

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man PLEASE get off my nutz. this is the 2nd FML you have talked shit to me on. **** your mom

ihateIRAQ 0

oh shit it's op...*changes status to away* there. all better

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ydi for having msn AIM is better

Next time, sign in under "Disconnected". Then, change your comment to : "I saw all you dumbfucks change your statuses, you are more pathetic than me." and sign in.

First....your wearing a bath towel as a cape an ur in ur underwear....ur also scrawny for a college student and ur holding ur life(world of warcraft)so I think that's the reason we r all judgin you ...

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Gulf, UPenn is so horrible... Try Colgate or JHU or even uoi if you want to say your in a good college. Also WoW is gay. And why the **** are you in in your underwear with a towel over you? and get a haircut

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# 201 ftfw!!! for the ******* win !!! and i'll take number #9

uhhRawr 7

#106 lol random much?!? It made me laugh though.:P

Every time someone posts "first", a little meme kitten dies somewhere.

Way to show your "boobs" trying to get attention?

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i agree wit #28 its annoyin wen ppl complain bout profile pix wen they themselves prolly dont got one (#16)

"prolly dont got one" - Way to succeed at the English language. And no, I think he just hates camwhores...

I think my profile picture is better for it is fish tacos.

you gotta be cute first b4 you can be sexy 36 :o

wow 28 way to make yourself look like an even bigger idiot. wtf was up with all that shit at the end?

perdix 29

julezbby, Love the rack and love the iPhone. You just keep on posting those downshirts -- there are a lot of dirty, old geeks out here that love 'em. You don't know how hard it is to find Apple-themed ****. Especially with attractive girls! You can imagine that video of nerdy guys who are endowed poorly enough to get it on with a SuperDrive are singularly unimpressive and creepy.

locomotion 0

You analyzed that way too much. Stop flicking off the camera; you look stupid.

maybe people don't have profile pictures because they don't wanna look like total ****** and *****... like you girls.

139, hmmm... ever tried coldcream? Or do you somehow fit the *****/**** profile despite your best efforts?

ihateIRAQ 0

.  *sniff sniff* I smell morals...

I don't. I'm just saying this to 28 and the other girls takin pics of themselves that are completely unecesary*. and flipping off the camera makes you look ridiculous. so stfu and go away.

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ihateIRAQ 0

it does look ridiculous. that's very true. and about the whole stfu thing...learn how to take a joke.this website is far from a serious one. and notice that my profile pic isn't of me so obviously I agree with what you said. p.s. *sniff sniff* I smell insecurity.

that's true. and nahh I'm not insecure. I think those girls are for taking pics like that.

ihateIRAQ 0

agreed. to an extent. they are still usually hot, but that's just the "guy" in me. but u sound pretty hot too. I like smart chicks

ihateIRAQ 0

bags, mags, gags, tags, wait.....what were we talkin about?

yeah I completely understand. and i don't wanna sound selfish and full of myself but I am not ugly and I don't feel the need to put a picture up because I know what I look like and how I feel about myself and that's all I need. thank you. :)

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loveruse youre kidding right? you have a ******* mustache. i know i dont have a picture at all either. ^^ anikas my real name cindys my web name

196 she looks pretty young, way to make yourself look like a total ****

RR05 0

haha omg, you sometimes see some really pathetic people on here, but this is just one of the best. please kill yourself OP, you obviously make the world better place by doing that

5: That's a bit much. I hope you never experience clinical depression, lest someone tell you the world would be better without you. How old are you? Twelve?

imdeborah 0

5, WTF? was that necessary....? I dont get why you said that...It seems to me that they were all avoiding OP. I don't think anybody likes being avoided. Why should OP kill themselves? Harsh.

5, and u thought everyone would agree with ur statement to op saying they should kill themselves?! you think suicide is a joke? one thing, grow up. there's no need to be so disrespectful. it's a shame coz now everyone has lost respect for u.

um I don't think she meant kill yourself like literally..? but yea maybe op just has self esteem issues #5 was kinda harsh.

5, that isn't even funny. just mean.

5 is offering some pretty damn good advice.

Skylarboyle 0

from my point of view this comment was crazy funny but it also is being a dick I mean come on suicide??? like to much don't you think

You probably annoy them. Try pretending to be bothered by them for a while. Play hard to get. They will come around.

If I was avoiding someone and they started to "play hard to get," I would just assume they got the hint. I'd probably be relieved and let it go, not "come around." Just sayin'.

This sounds like you're exaggerating to get sympathy. If people were changing their status to avoid you, they would know it doesn't usually work. Annoying people do not respect busy statuses. Your friends would just block you.

either that or they were all out & busy but OP's the only ine home because he/she (i forgot to look at the gender) has no life. or they're sick, maybe even grounded.