By Anonymous - 08/08/2014 21:05 - Israel

Today, I finally felt ready for intimacy with my boyfriend, and I sent him a sexy picture of myself topless. He texted back, "Ewwwww." FML
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#12 and #15 Why stay with someone who thinks your body is gross?

I'm with 1 and 28 on this one. You don't do that to someone you care about.

I agree with #28 and #30. If he wasn't ready for that he could say so, saying "ew" is rude and uncalled for.

sorahearts_fml 10

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Even if he was kidding, it was a seriously tasteless joke. It takes a lot of self confidence to send a picture of your body to someone, and for them to express disgust for that could really be a deal breaker. What if she had an eating disorder and just regained pride in her body? I could only imagine the hit OP's self esteem took.

tehdarkness 21

Totally agree. You don't want to be in a relationship where you don't feel confident.

alliewillie 22

Yea, well that's the great thing about text messaging - you have time to THINK before responding.

Maybe he just respects her and doesn't want that or isn't ready to take their relationship to the next level. I mean she did say it was totally random so he might have been shocked by it. However, his response was totally uncalled for and rude.

@79 I totally agree. Nothing bothers me more than the people who are rude through text and then try and apologize later by saying they were just having a bad day. There is a backspace button for a reason.

51, it "aggregated" you? I don't think that's quite what you meant. And seriously? It aggravated you that girls wore what they wanted to just because you couldn't tell how "big" they were? That's pretty dickish. If you're aggravated by that, I can't imagine how ticked off you must be when anyone does anything else that isn't directly for your benefit and convenience. Please print this comment of yours on a shirt so everyone can tell just how big of an ass you are, just so there's no chance of them being misled.

This FML reminds me of scary movie one when the girl has a hairy chest

graphicstyle7 17

You Never, EVER say "ew" to a girl who is a romantic interest (not a friend) when she shows you her body, unless it's a wound or an open sore. Just plain NO. He's dumping material.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

No matter what, what op's (hopefully ex) boyfriend said was uncalled for. Most people's self confidence would decrease dramatically if someone said "ew" to their body. Especially if that person had a low self-esteem already. OP's boyfriend shouldn't be getting defended, even if he said it as a joke. Never stay with anyone who makes you feel bad about your body.

well that's ****** up. you don't need that op

Nathan_h24 17

What's really f*cked up is that she lives in Israel and is worrying more about this than what the f*ck is going on in her country

Maybe he was joking? I would hope he was. Sorry OP.

I'd doubt it, this is FML after all...

My first thought is that he was probably joking. Hope he was.

Must be his first set of boobs...or he's gay...

Thanks for the obvious, Captain Obvious. Not. He's clearly either a douche or isn't ready for anything like that. Either way he didn't have to be so immature about it.

Rawrshi 25

#18 - You're welcome, Sir Sarcasm!

He sounds immature, maybe get a new boyfriend?

What do you say when you get a dick picture? Something very similar, most likely.

27, only if it's from someone you don't know. If it's an intimate picture of your significant other, you shouldn't be grossed out.

That's not physically possible. No male human being would ever turn down the sight of female breasts with emotions of disgust. I'm calling bullshit on this, OP.

Aero_x 21

You deserve better so much better, OP!

What the hell. I'm so sorry. He is such a dick.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, Op, but I think your boyfriend might be gay. Just sayin'.

150493x 29

Or he is just a complete douche.

iLike2Teabag 27

Have you ever met a 12 year old boy who doesn't like boobs?

inner_peace 19

If he can't appreciate your body the way it is, then find someone who can. Don't let your boyfriend make you feel bad about yourself.