By Mr. Unlucky - 27/05/2018 19:30 - United States - Woodbridge

Today, after suffering a severe brain injury and receiving a large amount of money from the lawsuit for physical and mental rehab, I found out that my dad stole it all and spent it on himself. FML
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Time for a second lawsuit, and possibly a felony charge.


Time for a second lawsuit, and possibly a felony charge.

100% this! The only thing is, if he's a child living with the parent, and the child is not technically an adult, it may be a bit of a tough battle. I hope you get it all set OP. That's absolutely terrible.

White Trash 10

"Heyyy what are kids for..."

Kill him and you’ll inherit it all back. And they can’t charge you with murder because you’ve got brain damage. It’s a perfect plan!

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Depends on what he spent it on. A house? Good. Vacations, hookers, and drugs? Bad.

I don't know... Vacations, hookers and drugs sound pretty good to me. Especially if it's all three together.

OK, now you need to have an "accident" befall your father which causes him brain damage, and then he can sue and collect a ton of money which you can then steal and then... oh wait.... hmmmm

Isn’t there legal action you can take in this situation?

Alex_7759 13

Seems like something my dad would do tbh

Lobby_Bee 17

"children are not responsible enough to manage their own money" - Definition of irony

But that’s theft! You need a way to get your money back OP

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Time to start a new law suit. Why shouldn't you when he obviously didn't care about you?