Going well, is it?

By Elizabeth - 29/07/2011 19:56 - United States

Today, I called my boyfriend to let him know that after he gets off work, he can find me in his room wearing something sexy. He responded with, "Please don't touch anything." FML
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he has manners. what's the problem here?

you're gonna find panties under his pillow.


he's afraid u will find his pr0n collection!

he has manners. what's the problem here?

jazidee 0

yeah i dnt get the problem either....

I wouldn't want my room smelling like fish either. and op, most people don't find granny panties sexy

enonymous 8

9- Cheddar if you don't need them anymore you can mail those to me

At least he said "please".

alright. I have 7 pairs. but I hope u don't mins that they come with my deceased grandmother, I'm too lazy to remove them

gunmania0 12

OP needs to get back in her cage.

flockz 19

op, if u have no other option, i will always be here for u for a low hourly rate.

19, is she wearing all 7 of them at once?! If so, then I'll just take the top 6 and return the bottom one with the carcass.

19, I'll come over and take your grandma out of those panties. Everyone wins, and I get someone to listen to me play the kazoo.

TheChampagneBoi 5

maybe he just cleaned his room?

Ok 45, you can take the body and it's final layer, and I'll lend an ear to your kazooing.

Wow, I guess there is always time to talk about someone's dead grandma and then refer to the body as a carcass. Awesome.

these young boys do not know how to please a woman....

Ok 61, it sounds like a deal. I will play you the greatest death metal kazoo symphony you ever heard.

75, after working 9 hours for minimum wage; at a job where no one respects you my lebito is low. When I get home I just want a sandwich.... just a sandwich. I mean I give my significant other credit for going out of his way to dress up in a latex suit and gag, and want me to whip him and play, but,... I just want a sandwich.

SeedlessMe 13

Dude. A death metal kazoo symphony? Holy shit, I would Love to hear that! I'll give you 100bux to see that, & you could go get yourself like 20 sandwiches.

Dollar Menu = 87 sandwiches... And 87 > 20

Well the guy needs his privacy and the OP is just acting indecent. Do you expect males to love every inpure thing woman do? Some of us have standards you know.

I'm sure OP used to mess with his stuff in his room, or else he wont tell her that

gunmania0 12

The point is her boyfriend doesn't care when she wants it given to her, hard.

noo ...what he doesnt get is the fact that he is a complete dumbass.

LOLbomb 1

Are you kidding? Obviously, the guy is a secret agent and doesn't want her to discover the entrance to his secret lab. Anyone with half a mind could figure that out. >.>

ugottaluvme 0

that's a lol bomb right der

you sir, are correct

SirObvious 1

looks like the porn wasnt hidden to well. this time...

IKR! people are so dumb these days

he doesnt want you to get cooties on his stuff.

after 8th grade cooties evolve into herpes


biasedshooter 24

I guess you shouldnt touch his "thing" then!

daltyboy 0

7 i have tht exact mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well done, now go play with your secret anomaliss club buddies.

biasedshooter 24

get a life ruff

you're gonna find panties under his pillow.

well where else was his grandma supposed to put them?!?

dstivers 0

When I hide panties, it's definitely not under my pillow. That's what I sleep on and there's no telling what those panties could transfer to my pillow.

monkeystain 0

are they yours???????????????

either way, don't touch them!

Yeah they're mine

dstivers 0

Well if that's what really happened then he is diseased for sure. Jk

Only if I got them from you

dstivers 0

I'm clean. I make sure I wrap it. But there was that one time with your mom...so maybe. Who knows

frankgrimes 4

he wants you to save all the touching for him ;)

#10- well that's looking on the bright side of this situation...if there even is a bright side..

then don't touch, laughs

it's not like you should be to touching anything

sappy0 5

sounds like he's got something in there he doesn't want you to know about

tyty22796 0

yup thts true!! u should be worried

I was thinking a ring he doesn't want OP to know about quite yet. Nobody knows...

i was thinkin he keeps porn on his ipod or laptop ot somethin......

but then why not watch it together?

juturnaamo 29

I was thinking he got her a present

is he MC Hammer, cuz as u know... u can't touch this

that was so lame! I don't know if I should thumbs up or thumbs down >.