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75, after working 9 hours for minimum wage; at a job where no one respects you my lebito is low. When I get home I just want a sandwich.... just a sandwich. I mean I give my significant other credit for going out of his way to dress up in a latex suit and gag, and want me to whip him and play, but,... I just want a sandwich.

  SeedlessMe  |  13

Dude. A death metal kazoo symphony?
Holy shit, I would Love to hear that!
I'll give you 100bux to see that, & you could go get yourself like 20 sandwiches.

  Friaza  |  29

Well the guy needs his privacy and the OP is just acting indecent. Do you expect males to love every inpure thing woman do? Some of us have standards you know.

  LOLbomb  |  1

Are you kidding? Obviously, the guy is a secret agent and doesn't want her to discover the entrance to his secret lab. Anyone with half a mind could figure that out. >.>

  dstivers  |  0

When I hide panties, it's definitely not under my pillow. That's what I sleep on and there's no telling what those panties could transfer to my pillow.