By Maddie110110 - 07/06/2011 04:43 - United States

Today, I sent my boyfriend a long and heartfelt message. He responded with "tl; dr". FML
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Then you say as he wants a bj "too small, not worth it"

it means "too long; didn't read"


too lame; don't respond?

"talk later; driving"?

I looked it up - it means "too long; didn't read"

tan laundry; damn right!

Tame lions; don't roar?

Taco's Lurking; Don't Run?

Terrorist Laden; Do Run

Tit lick; dick rub? See, it made him horny ;)

Talk about shut down.

someone should have combo-breakered :)

twilight licks; dry rectums

taco lovin; damn Roger?


84 - You beat me to it!

too lame: Dad's raping(?)

Terrible lisp; dental reconstruction?

torturing llamas;deers raped ?

Too long; Damn repliers.

Tasty lunch; dinner ready?

WAYITK; Why aren't you in the kitchen would have been a better reply

none of you are funny stop trying this post is going to shit -.- you have failed to cease my boredom mortal beings

I thought it was funny:)


Ticklish lice; dried rice?

too late ; dog's raped

Two laxatives : Deadly response?

too lunk; drate riot?

Tan Legs; Daniel Radcliffe.

no, it's "Too Long, DIDN'T READ!"

tits later, rubbing time

too drunk, date raped I'm sure it's a good reason he couldn't talk.

talk later; at the dr

testicle licking; DAMN right!

What Was Funnyy?:/

talk later; doctor that's what I say if I'm at the Doc

talk later; doctor that's what I say if I'm at the Doc

retards its "Too Long; Didnt Read"

deerrrrrr my name is emorockownage and I'm an idiot cause I can't take a joke duhhhhhhh. By the way dumb ass kid, there's no way in hell you're almost 25 when you look like a pubescent little scrawny kid

too long didn't read.

too late; died reading

TALK LATER; DOCTOR jesus christ people it's not that crazy

True love, damn right?

tummy large; don't eat

how do people not know that means too long didn't read?

twat lips; dick rim

LOL! Best replies EVER!

Turtle laid; refrigerator.

Guys, we all know that it means "too long; didn't read." Now please proceed to the nearest convenience store and pick up a little thing called a sense of humor.

95 is the bestt. and C-C-COMBO BRREAKKARRRR

Tight lips ; dick rubbed

ten ligers'; dicks ruptured?

you should go get some or something man, r u stressed or something?

tickling lardos; didn't read.

wow. i really thought it was tan legs:danielle radcliffe.

How did this comment not get moderated?? lol

too long; DAMN right?!?!?!?!?! torture licks; dick rub?

too late; devil raptured

lololol!! this is very funny! :P

Obviously we all know that.

time to lick; do it rihgtnow

203 I beat u to it

talk later; doctors'

too little; dick rejected

twilight licks; dumbledore rules

C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!!!

it really means " too long; didn't read"

Too late; doing Raven

too long ; didn't read ?

talk later; date rape

talk later: don't rush?

hahaha that's the best one!:D

hahaha this ones my favorite I think!

let the people dream, why don't yuh?

it's to long; didn't read

I think yours made most sense...but it's fun reading what people come up with:)

Too long; didn't read

Taking lessons; done right !!!!! (random I'm an ejit)

Tiny lynxes; dehydration reeks

Your boyfriend is awesome.

explain to me how that's awesome. It's more of a dick move in my opinion.

Your pic of you picking your nose is "awesome" too.

She wasn't picking her nose

what does that even mean?

that's why I asked dumbass

it means "too long; didn't read"

tit licker dick rejecter

it means keep it short and to the point or stfu

It's what people say when they're too dumb to read more than half of a sentence.

sorry, I just shit myself

any younger siblings? they couldve gotten a hold of his phone and sent that~

you should find out what "tl; dr" means before making a stupid post like that.

Or maybe he sent it. Ever think of that?

your a giant idiot

179: your pic made me giggle. (:

it means "too long; didn't read"

Hahahaha, that reminds me of a College Humour video on YouTube! The Leets and the Noob boyfriend!

Then you say as he wants a bj "too small, not worth it"

haha best come back number 11 !!

that is the fucking cutest kitten ever! uber-cute

snorts *ahaha!* classic!

15 ruined the joke.

i agree with 165. 15 you killed it

that person totally killed it....

best. comeback. ever.

the empty can rattles the most

that's why you should say long, heartfelt stuff in person

youre right haha

Then he'd have said: tl; dl.

This is just a guess but i think your message was "too long and he didn't read it"

Your guessing skills are AMAZING. I am thoroughly impressed.

talk later; Dr. who.

duh! at least, that's what I would've ment...

"talk later; dalek raid"

131, you are my hero.