By Maddie110110 - 07/06/2011 04:43 - United States

Today, I sent my boyfriend a long and heartfelt message. He responded with "tl; dr". FML
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Then you say as he wants a bj "too small, not worth it"


TheBeatlesAreLov 0

I looked it up - it means "too long; didn't read"

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Tit lick; dick rub? See, it made him horny ;)

krty402 7

someone should have combo-breakered :)

JacksonCampbell 9

84 - You beat me to it!

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WAYITK; Why aren't you in the kitchen would have been a better reply

none of you are funny stop trying this post is going to shit -.- you have failed to cease my boredom mortal beings

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no, it's "Too Long, DIDN'T READ!"

bezach 0
bezach 0

too drunk, date raped I'm sure it's a good reason he couldn't talk.

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talk later; doctor that's what I say if I'm at the Doc

talk later; doctor that's what I say if I'm at the Doc

deerrrrrr my name is emorockownage and I'm an idiot cause I can't take a joke duhhhhhhh. By the way dumb ass kid, there's no way in hell you're almost 25 when you look like a pubescent little scrawny kid

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TALK LATER; DOCTOR jesus christ people it's not that crazy

how do people not know that means too long didn't read?

GuessWhatKids 13

Guys, we all know that it means "too long; didn't read." Now please proceed to the nearest convenience store and pick up a little thing called a sense of humor.

95 is the bestt. and C-C-COMBO BRREAKKARRRR

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you should go get some or something man, r u stressed or something?

wow. i really thought it was tan legs:danielle radcliffe.

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How did this comment not get moderated?? lol

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too long; DAMN right?!?!?!?!?! torture licks; dick rub?

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twilight licks; dumbledore rules

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it really means " too long; didn't read"

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hahaha that's the best one!:D

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let the people dream, why don't yuh?

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I think yours made most sense...but it's fun reading what people come up with:)

katiedoll6 7

Taking lessons; done right !!!!! (random I'm an ejit)

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explain to me how that's awesome. It's more of a dick move in my opinion.

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Your pic of you picking your nose is "awesome" too.

jackiemoonthepro 5
jackiemoonthepro 5
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it means keep it short and to the point or stfu

It's what people say when they're too dumb to read more than half of a sentence.

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ChiddyBANGr 13

any younger siblings? they couldve gotten a hold of his phone and sent that~

hotair10 9

you should find out what "tl; dr" means before making a stupid post like that.

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Or maybe he sent it. Ever think of that?

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Hahahaha, that reminds me of a College Humour video on YouTube! The Leets and the Noob boyfriend!

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Then you say as he wants a bj "too small, not worth it"

jennifer93 0

that's why you should say long, heartfelt stuff in person

This is just a guess but i think your message was "too long and he didn't read it"

Your guessing skills are AMAZING. I am thoroughly impressed.