By sherronj - 07/06/2011 03:26 - United States

Today, I announced to my family that I will be trying out for the next season of America's Best Dance Crew. They responded by laughing hysterically and my mother said "You guys suck, good luck making it past auditions". FML
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Midnite_2raw 5

Just because you play "Dance Central" on the Kinect doesn't mean you can dance.


pwincessa23 1

i agree with 1. op should do their best and prove negative people wrong:) good luck:)

Takador 3

yay theres gonna be another season!?!?!?!?

Takador 3

oh and lol what gonna be your Crew's name :D

GreenMaze 0

No. Perfect practice does.

Maybe it's op's name sherronj. I like it, the word has a ring to it reminds you of holly j and you could spend 5 minutes trying to pronounce it!

If you cannot take advice and criticism from your family well, how are you going to listen to the judges?

tmmundy 17

29: "you guys suck" is not advice. and where does it say OP flipped a shit? you wouldn't know how they took it.

well trust me , when u get inside the competition , they'll be the one standing in the crowd and wear tshirts asking people vote for u .

robotiick 12

op comm ur own fml and then state ur crews name I will record it and put it on YouTube

hahachun 4
alexg823 0

If your not perfect, how can your practice be? I never understood that.

lucy331 0

but no one is perfect, so why practice? :)

I agree completely. never fear and go for your dream!

Or... Prove them right and look like an idiot on national tv.

btnhdude 0

if she proves them right she wouldn't be on national tv, stupid.

noto_fml 0

this isn't even an fml. suck it up and take the truth. now go practice and stop whining.

uncbballwins 0

What a couple of cum guzzling bitches

not exactly what I would call constructive criticism... Fyl, go practice some more.

takeapieandrun 9

No way to find out unless you try.

Do you really want to be one of those people that completely humiliate themselves on television because no one told them they suck?

Hun, you need to understand that humiliation makes good tv. go for it op, do your country proud!!

On abdc, the only way you can really humiliate yourself is by having a bad fall or behaving inappropriately. If they're as bad as OP mom says and don't make it past auditions, then they'd never have the chance to do it on tv. However, they would embarrass themselves in front of the judges at the audition as well as waste a bunch of time auditioning. :)

maby u should watch a video of urself before you go so u don't look like those idiots that think there amazing but really arnt

but those are the most entertaining ones!