By anon - 17/07/2015 07:04 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I sent my long-distance boyfriend a heartfelt message about how much I missed him. He sent me back a picture of a Minion. FML
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I guess that means he thinks you're one in a minion.

If your love means minions to him you are the most important and greatest thing in his life


Who doesn't love Minions?

Am I doing this right?

⬆️them people .

Whatever it is already ruined. Thanks alot #30 your attempt to be funny was stupid and you ruined something that would have been probably the longest chain in FML...... asshole

Don't call someone an asshole when you obviously deviated from the point as well. Anyone should be able to say as they want. If you stop feeding the trolls and adding to the annoying population of correcting others opinions ... Son of a bitch I'm part of the statistic.

lol, your silly little game must've been super important to you, #48. Long day at work? Phone not ringing much?

I love minions!! said every 8 year old

shut the fuck up 71

Minions are bae

You guys are despicable.

underwear (translate it from the song in the 2nd movie to understand this)

I despise the minions.

Minions are dispicable

I never watched the movie and never plan on it so me

The movie was dope!

Leave him immediately.

You are really stupid.

I swear I thought you were with a minion in your photo. That would have been epic. Stop minion discrimination.

Damn. What did the minions do to you?

It appears FML is full of minion-lovers. I got my eye on you all. >.>

Screw minions, I can't go on any social media for 5 minutes without seeing a quoted minion created by some grandma.

@14 Those bananas can do some permanent damage to some girls... Damn the mods took out the guy before me and now my last comment makes no sense...

This was very clearly sarcasm. Smh at all the down votes.

Guess we know why you are single..

#2 Boyfriend didn't say i love you Leave him immediately?

That minion is the first of many. Embrace your villainhood.

What's wrong with minions? Minions are smart, loyal, loving and so much more!

Self praise doesn't count.

We don't explain to people

Fuck you and your bananas.

Minions are taking over.

Swanson! It's expected of you to be a cynic. Sadly you're not evil enough to be considdered an appropriate villain to work for, or you'd know just how wonderful minions really are.

They are also annoying and EVERYWHERE.

What message came with the minion?? Because shit..some of those are tear jerkers.

I hope it was the purple one with funny teeth that looks like it's thinking "ugh, come on", the same face we pull when our mum is too busy talking when you want to leave.

Haha I'd use the purple one as a break up message :D

If your love means minions to him you are the most important and greatest thing in his life

Just one minion says it all Hun he's a creepy ?

What are you even trying to say?

9- nobody may ever know.

"!!" banana language says it all

No. No it does not. That's literally the fucking point.'re a very uphappy person,aren't you?

Maybe his name is Bob and then that would make him KING BOB

I guess that means he thinks you're one in a minion.