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Today, at a big Easter egg hunt, the kids found a wild bunny. Everyone smiled and "aww"ed, until my dog caught and ate it in front everyone. FML
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Well that's a holiday memory the kids will never forget

Wow, this is my first time hearing of a dog actually CATCHING a rabbit, more or less eating it.


Well that's a holiday memory the kids will never forget

ChristianH39 30

Even though they'll probably want to...

What a wonderful opportunity to teach them that the world is a dark and evil place!

I hope you gave that dog a treat. Easter bunnies are evil man they never bring me chocolate I think my face scares them. #uglylyfe

Wow, this is my first time hearing of a dog actually CATCHING a rabbit, more or less eating it.

My dog used to catch rabbits. She waited until I came over and I basically telepathically told her to maul it. They needed to be controlled anyway.

Unfortunately I already saw it happening with my rabbit and guinea pig (pets) and a more or less wild dog that ate them... They were in a solid cage outside but still the dog manage to pass under the fence. Another time it was our cat that caught a wild baby rabbit.

RedPillSucks 31

It may have been a baby, or an older/lame rabbit cull of the wild

Yes 27. You possess a rare gift of telepathy. It's great that you use it to the cause of putting to death organisms following the laws of nature. I gallantly await the day you receive a Nobel Prize.

BradTheBrony 19

That's not what "more or less" means. The phrase you're looking for is "much less."

My cat catches rabbits and my dogs eat it

oddities 20

Your dog is vicious. I hope the kids can forget that because that's a horrible memory no one should have.

rocker_chick23 27

How is it vicious? A dog has instincts and one of those is to go after prey items. My saluki does it and so does my cat. Is my cat vicious?

StillUsesMyspace 22

gotta teach the circle of life early, just like in the lion king.

Scynistr 20

The dog isn't vicious.. Nature is..

calm down PETA advocate. it was a bunny...

RedPillSucks 31

Just part of nature. We have hawks and other raptors in or neighborhood. They'll swoop down and shred a rabbit in a few seconds.

Sad I would say, but not vicious. One of my dogs is one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever see. She's never aggressive, but like almost all dogs, still chases bees and lizards. It's just nature

My brother shot a bunny in the yard with a 12 gauge, then our puppies tore it in half and chased each other around fighting over the head all afternoon. We had a good Easter.

oddities 20

Oh, voi. I forgot that the internet does not do well with translating emotion. I was kidding with the first sentence. I was actually mocking PETA, #52. This is why I usually mention that I'm kidding but everyone is always an ass about that so, apparently, there's no winning here. Actually, when I read the FML, I imagined it happening in classic Disney animation and it was surprisingly nightmarish but I was kidding with the first sentence. I do hope those kids manage to forget that though. That's not a memory that would be fun to have.

Vicious? Why? Because a dog ate a rabbit? What about when humans eat pigs? Or when the dog eats the dog food that contains meat? Why is one worse than the other? All situations involve living animals that are killed for food. Its natural, as long a the animal wasnt raised in a cage just to have a painful death.

Cwizer 17

Well that's a bummer, but think of it this way, it'll be an awesome story to tell every year

Helldemon 32

How do we even know they are in a location where the dog needs to have a leash?

rocker_chick23 27

#5: Both my dogs to out in my fenced in back yard without being leashed. I am pretty sure OP's dog was in its backyard or a dog friendly park, so why would it be on a leash?

*Your Well, the Easter Egg hunts that I have been to, have had candy left on the ground. Considering that a lot of that candy could be chocolate; I would hope you'd put your dog on a leash. So it couldn't get to these things causing an illness or possible death.

askullnamedbilly 33

Not all easter egg hunts have candy lying on the ground and not all dogs will eat it. My parents would put our candy and eggs in little baskets and hide them, to make sure the food didn't get dirty - that is a relatively simple situation to control. Some dogs are picky eaters who wouldn't touch food on the ground anyway. Our dog wasn't one of them, but we'd go out into the woods where no leashes are necessary and let her roam free. Since my parents knew exactly where the baskets were, nothing ever happened.

#25 The dog is such a well behaved picky eater that it goes for the rabbit instead...

askullnamedbilly 33

#51 That's hunting instinct, not hunger. Do you really think outdoor dogs and cats kill because they're starving? Most of them are well fed at home, and will not actually eat their kills. It's natural for them to chase after small animals, and if they catch them... well, you know what'll happen.

#54, I can agree with this, my Pomeranian spotted a rabbit this winter and went running down the road after it. The only chance she would of catching a rabbit is if it were dead, but she still chased it. It looked funny though, a tiny white thing chasing a huge white thing through the snow.

RedPillSucks 31

Right. Most dogs will instinctively run after anything running away from them. Chocolate easter eggs are not much of a challenge. A real live rabbit is.

Was it a greyhound? If so, that makes sense. In the movies it's usually a mechanical rabbit they're chasing around the race track.

larrena2377 26

rabbits are most bigger dogs prey, not just greyhounds

They werent always mechanical rabbits...

show them the lion King and explain the circle of life

And traumatise them even more by showing them Mufasa's death? You are a special kind of evil... I like it.

RedPillSucks 31

Or show them the **** version with Mufasa and Sarabi having sex.

Your username is hilarious albeit twisted

One less rabbit you have to deal with.

That selfish selfish dog... he should've shared the goods with all the other kids.