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What's a meme? I've seen the word loads of times, but I'm not completely sure what it is. Ah, OP, we all have days like this, but I've never seen anyone so pissed off that he or she shouts at his or her cereal. Hahaha.

  TookaWooka666  |  0

Haha OPs cereal most not give him enough fiber and this is the result of the previous bowel movement attempt. "You better work this time damnit, I got a freakin log down there and it needs to come out!!!" lol.

  LoveCali  |  0

LMFAO.!.!.!OMG.!My Friend Kept Saying That Today;;It Was The Funniest Thing Ever.Lol.!Tomorrow Ima Say It All Day:) But Seriously This FML Is Hilarious..I Can Just Imagine It.