By Anonymous - 11/05/2011 14:33 - United States

Today, I woke up so pissed off that I yelled at my cereal. FML
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Cereal guy meme would like a word with you...

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if you had a beard that wouldnt happen...cause if you had a beard your beard would have yelled at your cereal not you

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You were pissed off cause you got **** blocked in your wet dream and woke up with blue balls.

^ *gives thumbs up because of the last two words*

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all the cereal ever did was love you :'(

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9- I. love. your. pic. bro.

number 95 I love the pic soooo much

Have to love the 14 year old on every FML correcting typos and deliberate spelling changes.

Hey 130, you're name is a typo. So STFU


76 - hahahaha gay gay gay..!!! u r funny man..!!

this what rebecca black does when she is having PMS.

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What's a meme? I've seen the word loads of times, but I'm not completely sure what it is. Ah, OP, we all have days like this, but I've never seen anyone so pissed off that he or she shouts at his or her cereal. Hahaha.

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76 if it makes you feel any better your comment made me lol

Haha OPs cereal most not give him enough fiber and this is the result of the previous bowel movement attempt. "You better work this time damnit, I got a freakin log down there and it needs to come out!!!" lol.

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#216 look it up on I would tell you, but the website is blocked for me. goddamned parental controls...

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Okay thank you. Ew parental controls are poo.

HEY 205 YOU'RE IS A TYPO. I'm press sure "you are name is a typo" isn't correct. stupid shit :)

Oh I know, auto correct. I just didn't bother changing it because I'm on the app

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lmao!!! You made me laugh, seriously! ;-)

iAmScrubs 19
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haha I was thinking the same thing

121 let's open a hot koolaid stand.

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haha dude your funny! no joke

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I did that to my jelly jar lol it was stuck so I scream f**k you!!!!! and slammed it on the ground.. didn't break! :) but I did have to clean up jelly lol

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haha saw this first on my itouch. laughed so hard this is deff favorited

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I'm bigger than you, I'm higher in the food chain! GET IN MAH BELLY!

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lol @ "fat bastard" from the Austin powers films

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3 - I made it 69 thumbs up (:

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haha lmao, the picture just made it even better!!!!!

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LMFAO.!.!.!OMG.!My Friend Kept Saying That Today;;It Was The Funniest Thing Ever.Lol.!Tomorrow Ima Say It All Day:) But Seriously This FML Is Hilarious..I Can Just Imagine It.

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at this moment, I am watching the movie anger management :)

did it yell back? captain crunch is a bitch sometimes

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hahaha that's pretty funny

See, this doesn't happen to me because mah spoon is too big. I am a banana.

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Actually, This has hapenned to me before xD

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if they were cuckoo for them, op wouldn't scream and imply she's mad, so....... no.

Looool! I got a feeling someone is gonna joke about ' cereal killer' somehow..

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And now it won't be funny, thanks.

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ay pac.. where's my money? I saw you at the store yesterday but you didn't even say wsup..

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angry eater! it happens think of the Asians having to eat damn rice every day for every meal they are angry eaters too!

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lol your my hero for a day OP

it stood there mocking him, playing in the milk losing it's crunchiness and becoming soft and all the marshmellows melt away to shitty liquid

It's okay, your cereal is man enough to handle it. It's good that you let off some steam before you took it out on someone else.