By Traveler - 09/10/2015 02:06

Today, I learned that your crotch can just light up on the body scanner in the airport for no apparent reason; and when that happens, a thorough pat down of that area will be performed by a confused security officer. FML
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Seems like you must have a very dangerous weapon down there

I guess your dick was just to big to be taken on the plane


I guess your dick was just to big to be taken on the plane

"Sir no hard objects can be carried on the plane.."

While that caused a unfortunate delay, his ego was given a nice boost.

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I'm tired of these motherfucking dicks on the motherfucking plane jokes!

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Not to long ago there was a news story of two TSA agents getting males to go into the x-ray but they would put in the computer that they were female so the crotch would light up as an unknown object so that the TSA agent could pat down hot guys.

Seems like you must have a very dangerous weapon down there

chrisbeaudoin 26

Hey op, did they confiscate it?

Funny story - I'm trans and I wear a soft silicone packer, to simulate having a package. I was getting on a plane to New York and I was stopped going through the scanner because apparently, silicone shows up the same way a bomb would on one of those scanners. I had to show my fake dick to security to prove my trouser snake was tame. Sometimes I wonder if that security guard ever thinks about the guy who reached in his pants, pulled out his dick and threw it on the counter.

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That's... unfortunate. Maybe your crotch has super powers?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Super Dick!!!

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hopefully it was a female security guard ;)

Pat downs legally have to be performed by same sex personnel. So, no, it was not a female security guard.

He could still get some enjoyment, it doesn't say his sexuality.

Unless you consent to the opposite sex patting you down.

It depends on how one presents actually. If you pass as a certain gender they will send out an agent of that gender.

Maybe he was attracted to you and was flirting

If that was the case, it wouldn't be flirting, it would be sexual assault.

The TSA has been busted before. They'll flag someone who they think is cute just to get to "know" them. Agents are human, after all. And most are ex cons.

Down votes, though? Must be a lot of TSA agents here.

Sir, you must check your package please.

Never know, you could hijack the plane with that thing. Lol