By MissSmarts - United States
Today, I went to the grocery store where this really cute guy works. I swiped my card but the machine wouldn't read it. I swiped it quickly some more before getting frustrated and saying, "Your stupid machine doesn't work!" He took the card and turned it around. His face said it all. FML
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  Feverrotes  |  15

I'm sorry I have to reply to #1 just to put this at top but so the message gets across.
There's been at least 2 f***ing FMLs in the past about some dumb chick swiping her card in front of a hot register dude and not getting and feeling humiliated.
At least the wording is different this time, but this isn't a f***Ing FML and it's almost the exact situations as the first 2 lame FML cases that went through.

Considering how the last one was posted on this site with the same wording (word for word) the first FML about register card swiping BS, I don't expect the people choosing these FMLs to be posted to actual read any and decide, but seriously, enough is enough.

By  xxxNataliexxx  |  0

Adam STFU really do you see of anyone cares of your foray? Your comment is just gonna be marked as a spam. Haha OP wouldn't you have checked if the side was right first? But I agree your life sucks

By  quelbaby  |  0

yeah who gives a shit if your first.. when having a conversation in the shops or at a cafe with your friends and one of them says something important, is your first comment FIRST!!??? if it is your a dickhead

  crankyadam  |  0

Natalie ur a hypocrit, you obviosly think you're so cool acting as though you're a superior human being, even though you must have judged me through a few sentances and ridiculed me, maybe I am a completely different person, with the shackles of society?