By Anonymous - 23/11/2017 01:30
Today, I took a well-aimed TV remote to the testicles. My wife’s pregnancy cravings are really bad and I forgot to restock the cupboard with apricot jam and packets of sage and onion stuffing. FML
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By  corky1992  |  33

As a former pregnant woman we take our cravings to heart. Our emotions and hormones are pretty intense and it can be devastating not getting our cravings. With that being said though, I never got violent when I didn’t get it. That’s a bit extreme. I’ll admit I did get pissed a few times, but never violent.

By  Jenjenjenjenjen  |  7

Sorry to get serious here but this is abuse. The fact that she is a women or pregnant doesn’t matter.

Look for controlling behavior. While you can’t change her, you can tell her that you will not put up with abuse and you will leave if she is abusive and just put your efforts into taking care of your child.

I am so sorry OP.