Scaredy cat

By poop - 24/03/2016 18:15 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I discovered my cat is bathroom shy when I accidentally walked in on him relieving himself. He jumped about 3 feet in the air and bolted out, launching feces and pee all over the bathroom, hallway, and my shoes. FML
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No need to get all pissy about it OP!

If someone knocks while my one cat is ********, she'll get scared and run away to her hiding spot while dropping a few turds on the way over. Thankfully it's not the same cat that takes such foul smelling dumps that it actually wakes me up at night whenever he drops a deuce. Such majestic creatures.

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That's shitty bahahahahahahahahahaha Muahahahahahaha

Are any of the FML team here...? Alan...? Can we remove this user, please? I think you should write in your rule book that using the "shitty" pun will receive a lifetime ban.

That sucks OP. Hopefully it wasn't too gross. Next time you should knock!

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Ladies, please stay seated for the entire performance

And gentleman, it's not as big as you think. Please stand closer to the toilet.

Apply some toilet water on the burnt area.

I have the litter box cover in another large box. It keeps the smell and it might give your cat some privacy.

Might as well sell the house. lol jk. Cat piss stinks terribly! Bet you had fun cleaning that up.

This is why I just leave my cat tied up and in the litter box next to a food dish. I use a similar strategy (and a bit of clothesline) to ensure loved ones cannot abandon me. If you're willing to fi—oh, hold on, somebody is knocking on my door, and I can hear sirens…