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Today, after being filled with joy after seeing my very elderly cat finally enjoying the sun in my garden, I skipped over to give her a hug. Turns out she was taking a shit. FML
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Oh man you cat be serious! C'mon you've got to be kitten me! That sounds like a catastrophe! Hopefully you can put this event behind you and "fur-get" about it.

According to your profile, you want to be a veterinarian. I really suggest you don't if you think hugging cats is strange. Jeez..


Look before you leap, er, hug, in this case. :3

Like...... I don't know what the **** you two are talking about but it has to do with the picture, right?

They were talking about one of the greatest characters in cartoon history.

That doesn't help me. Be more specific, please!!!!!!it would help!!

AshleyAndAshli 9

Twilight Sparkle is the pony in the picture, it is one of the ponies from My Little Pony...second best to Rainbow Dash, hope I helped! :)

154-Your pic goes with the comment in that what-the-****-is-wrong-with-all-the-world-today sort of way (I would know)

Oh, you DON'T see it? It's just damn creepy if you think about it. And what's with all the My Little Pony pics? You were also helpful.

I used to like My Little Pony as a kid, I haven't seen the new ones though

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Proceed with the poop jokes.

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Not to be totally off- topic( which I do more often than not) but do any of you hate 'an arrow to the knee?'(I have a joke related containing it) You know what? **** all your opinions, I'm saying it anyway, I used to do the same thing but then I took an arrow to the knee. There, I said it. Feel free to thumb me as you want

^ okay, it's like your having a conversation, when no one was actually talking to you...

You are quite indubitably insane, 152.

In that what-the-****-is-wrong-with-the-world-today kind of way, 176. In my family, that's sane. OP, shit happens Yeah, I said it.

173-when you don't have true friends, you talk to yourself. I wish I could talk to someone, but no one cares..... WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, taking a shit is kinky.

No it's not... Now urinating... THAT'S kinky.

Hmmm seems like you two haven't seen two girls one cup. Apparently shit can be kinky.

nirvi 3

Two girls and a cup is disgusting at the very least.

You would think if the cat was that old you would know what it looks like when it's ******** by now.

36, when OP says garden, she means yard

90 I wasn't aware that a yard and a garden were different? o.O

koolkat27 13

In the US, a garden is considered a little part of the yard where you keep your plants and flowers.

Oh man you cat be serious! C'mon you've got to be kitten me! That sounds like a catastrophe! Hopefully you can put this event behind you and "fur-get" about it.

You have the best comments. I really enjoy reading them.

Urbanchiller 0

Too many puns.. Mind blown.

That's the idea... Mind blowing... Yah! :)

Reminds me of "Meowsy Mcdurban" (or however it's spelled from Family Guy.

Those were actually, admittedly, great puns. Good show sir. :)

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Hahahaha omg meow that's alot of puns

Well next time don't disturb her. She was doing the do !

Hey at least she was takin a shit, that stuff clogs up wen they get old

Do you skip around whenever you're happy?

Dang it and here I thought everyone skipped when they were happy. Guess I'll have to find something else to do so I don't look weird. Don't want to be one of those embarrassing mothers.

You could have looked over and your elderly cat could be I guess that was best case scenario

That's what I thought OP was going to say when I first started reading the FML. Funny to say, I'm glad the cat was pooping instead of dying. :)