By hikari_chan_xo - 28/03/2012 12:00 - United States - Auburn Hills

Today, I dislocated my elbow chasing my cat around the hardwood floors of my house in knee-high socks and wiping out going around a corner. The doctors suggested that I not tell people how it happened. FML
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And yet you told the world...

Hahaha! Oh well, almost everyone wipes out from running in socks on a wood floor at one point in their life, it's so fun it's worth the risk


Hahaha! Oh well, almost everyone wipes out from running in socks on a wood floor at one point in their life, it's so fun it's worth the risk

I don't think it is worth it, dislocated shoulder can be painfull

It is fun ;D but falling on my ass isn't :'c

Yeah but it's WORTH the RISK. Not everyone breaks or dislocates something when they slide around in socks. You obviously need a lesson in fun

This happened to me while I was outside. Except I tripped, and landed not on wood, but in wet cement.

38- your username is so clever. As is your comment. You are my ideal mate. Let's fall upon our asses on the hardwood floors of god together?

Op just told the world.

72 - i am clever. 69 average at school how you doing~

52, I'll have fun with you.

Maybe you should listen to him.

Only they didn't. Their first instinct was to go post it on FML. Makes me wonder how bright OP really is

As bright as anyone that is reading this

And yet you told the world...

Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe OP thought it was okay because we don't know him/her, not as embarrassing then :P

is it possible to track cases like this happened recently and get a name ? Who am i kidding FML officals already know op's account name if she/he writed his/her full name correctly. Damn i love my brain....

33- That was completely irrelevant to the thread. I love my penis's brain.

I wish my penis had a brain. :(

my penis head a head, but no brain.........wait

You didn't listen to the doctors!! Haha I'm sorry OP but what did you think was gonna happen with knee high socks and hardwood floors? Silly rabbit tricks are for kids :p

The fuq are you talking about, trix are for kids. What does that have to do with the fml?!

Just tell everyone you and your cat were reenacting risky will make people think you're even cooler

Or a… copycat!

Yet you tell millions of strangers

Why capitalisation?

Maybe 47 was talking about the period but if not then that's weird

I think 47 wanted to emphasise the fact that OP is telling strangers, so it doesn't matter if OP tells us because he/she doesn't know us.

Whatever it is, I agree with all the things always. Yes.

67- it doesn't matter. Morgan freeman has cotton candy, do therefore, their argument is invalid, anyway!

Should have taken his advice.

What a day you're having, dislocating your shoulder, your doctor more or less mocking your injury and your cat sitting at home laughing it ass off! I'd go back to bed and hope for a better tomorrow.

Elbow, she dislocated her elbow.

Ouch! Even the doctor was embarrassed for you!!!

I suggest taking your doctors advice