By Arachnaphobic - 22/11/2009 08:35 - United States

Today, when putting something away on a high shelf, something small and black fell down my cleavage. I thought nothing of it and finished the task at hand. When I pulled out the neck of my shirt later to find it and looked down, glaring up at me from my boobs was a large, disgruntled spider. FML
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lol, this is a awesome mental image

I hate spiders


4th time i've gotten first comment. that must have freaked the shit out of you

screw you guys!!!!

disgruntled? poor guy suffocated

the worst thing is she is an arachniphobe or w.e you spell it like. look at her username

lol, this is a awesome mental image

I agree, haha. @OP so something small, large and disgruntled fell down your top? Lol.

I hate spiders

ikr and the fact it was glaring makes it worse

Doesn't everyone.

totally agree that spider is lucky as hell

That's horrible = Spiders really creep me out...

omg i would've freaked out!

At least he didn't bite

Or did it..? -.0

your boobs are large enough for spider to find?

how's you boob ? big /small?

I would have freaked out! I hate spiders. that really sucks.