By Arachnaphobic - 22/11/2009 08:35 - United States

Today, when putting something away on a high shelf, something small and black fell down my cleavage. I thought nothing of it and finished the task at hand. When I pulled out the neck of my shirt later to find it and looked down, glaring up at me from my boobs was a large, disgruntled spider. FML
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lol, this is a awesome mental image

I hate spiders


123e3 0

4th time i've gotten first comment. that must have freaked the shit out of you

123e3 0

screw you guys!!!!

disgruntled? poor guy suffocated

phreshboi 1

the worst thing is she is an arachniphobe or w.e you spell it like. look at her username

lol, this is a awesome mental image

I agree, haha. @OP so something small, large and disgruntled fell down your top? Lol.

I hate spiders

ikr and the fact it was glaring makes it worse

Doesn't everyone.

KingHumanity 0

Lucky spider!

totally agree that spider is lucky as hell

That's horrible = Spiders really creep me out...

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omg i would've freaked out!

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At least he didn't bite

Vladash 14

Or did it..? -.0

your boobs are large enough for spider to find?

how's you boob ? big /small?

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I would have freaked out! I hate spiders. that really sucks.