By bobthenun - 20/03/2013 21:16 - United States - Santa Barbara

Today, I went out to a restaurant to meet a girl that I met online. When I arrived, I texted her and she said she was wearing a blue shirt. The only person that was wearing anything blue was a fat man smiling in the corner. FML
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hippo1234 19

Was your "girl" a guy or did she ditch you?

Heard of the MTV show "Catfish"? Lots of people pretend to be someone else. It happens to a lot of people. Sorry it happend to you :(


hippo1234 19

Was your "girl" a guy or did she ditch you?

BunchieRules 31

I assume it was the man, as he was smiling at OP. I'm interested as to how OP confronted him about it, though.

zero91 4

should have webcam first to realy know if the person is a girl or not .. op change your mumber before he keeps spamming messages at you

PerditaDessa 38

13, Video chatting no longer proves anything. There are so many ways to fake it now.

dhaworth93 8

really so you personally know how to fake or shop a live video feed online? that's pretty impressive please enlighten me and give me just one example that can be proven and shows that your not just spouting bullshit to everyone? can you? probably not

PerditaDessa 38

15, There are programs one can buy/download that do all the editing for you. They have an array of stock pictures or you can upload your own and all one has to do is have the program running while using the webcam and it swaps out your image for the one you picked. There's a rather popular image macro that uses a little boy on Omegle that came from one of these. Granted they're not the best and anyone who knows what to look for can tell, but to the average person they work like a charm. Other than that there's feed-swapping, actually dressing as the other sex and a multitude of things one can do irl to make themselves appear to be someone they're not over cam.

saIty 17

This my friends is why we don't talk shit online about things we don't know ;)

PerditaDessa - I am very afraid of you right now.

TheElBurrrito 21

*a lot. I understood the typo, Jenks. I feel the same way.

18- I don't know if its just me, but i can tell the difference between genders especially when one is dressing up/making themselves look like the opposite sex. Granted someone can go to great lengths to conceal their gender, but i believe that would be pretty rare. You could also look for distinct features between male/female, i.e. adam's apple, breasts, chin. Of course both genders may have both but one gender dominantly has one or the other or a smaller/larger version. As for the stock photos, i do believe he said video chat not only audio so that rules out that. As for swapping feed or using a gif/premade video that wouldn't work assuming you would be talking to the person that you are video chatting with, i.e. you would see their mouth move to the words they are saying. Also, typically gifs/premade feeds like those you mentioned have a shorter time frame and start to repeat actions, which is pretty easy to spot ad well. Of course there are exceptions to everything, but in most cases you will be able to distinguish between a live person and a recorded feed or between real and faked genders. Please know that lm not trying to be an asshole by any means, I'm simply enlightening others.

PerditaDessa 38

111, It is very easy to be a convincing fake, gender wise. Take it from a girl who doesn't have any, boobs are super easy to fake and as for an adams apple that can be done as well with a bit of bronzer or stage makeup for those dedicated enough. It's really not as rare as one would think. The program I was thinking of with the stock images is a video editing program. What it does it takes the image you choose and match it whatever you are doing. So say I'm on Skype and am using the one of the little boy I mentioned when I raise my right hand, what the program does is edit my image out and the little boy's image in so what the person I'm speaking with sees is the little boy raise his right hand. If you don't have remarkable connection it does lag and it tends to be a touch blurry so it is easily seen but most just assume its a bad connection or something on the webcam. It's nice that you're not trying to be an asshole especially since I sort of was, but you're enlightening others incorrectly, my friend.

KittenQuinn 6

Damnit!! I would've sworn she was real!!

Who says the girl wasn't just playing a joke on him and seeing how he'd take it?

That's a really shitty joke to play on someone before their first date. If I was OP, I wouldn't give her a second chance. It was a waste of OP's time and emotions (I'm assuming emotions were involved seeing as he asked this girl on a date).

44- having a sense of humour is bad now?

Heard of the MTV show "Catfish"? Lots of people pretend to be someone else. It happens to a lot of people. Sorry it happend to you :(

3rdbass 9

"....MTV...". No need to explain any further. This is the same network that looked for pregnant teens to audition for a show.

Watched it twice, it struck me how blantantly stupid those poor-decieved sods were.

Thank you, #4! That was my first thought: Catfish! Sadly, many people go thru life portraying someone they are not, online. They usually don't have a care in the world how it will affect the person(s) on the opposite end.

The move was better. In case you didn't know, Catfish was originally a movie.

No joke, my stepdad's related to that woman who inspired it. by marriage, not blood. Him and my mom are actually going to her daughter's wedding this weekend. The one the woman pretended to be.

Harshdfml 14

OM(e) G(l)(e), you must have felt like a bum there..!

Harshdfml 14

My brain hurts from trying to decipher that shit

Even then, it's not a very insightfull nor creative comment.

mif_fml 27

#23 - you're too young to be calling people "son"

Despite how your comment was worded, how would that make OP feel like a bum? More like embarrassed that they believed a fake profile.

yoursucklives 36

there's always a risk with online dating, better luck next time!

Assume you got pranked, shrug it off, and go home, Op. Best to forget it happened at all. :p

Smile back and walk out of the restaurant! You should be mentally prepared though that who you meet online may not be who they claims!

This is why you always have to be careful meeting someone online.

Should have turned the joke back on him by walking up to him and saying, "My goodness. You're.far more beautiful than I had dared to hope." His reaction so would have been worth the disappointment he imposed.

I'd stay if the “girl" would pay this time