By fuckit - 23/07/2016 06:52 - United States - American Fork

Today, I saw an elderly lady fall over in the street. Nobody bothered to do anything, so I went over and helped her up. Instead of thanking me, she called me a pervert and slapped me around with her cane. FML
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Did you push her back over?

Welp I guess now you know why no one helped her.


No good deed goes unpunished!

Did you push her back over?

Welp I guess now you know why no one helped her.

Getting slapped around IS thanks to a pervert, OP.

Elderly people can be ruthless and just plain rude for no reason. Good on you for being a nice person and trying to help.

You get arseholes in any age range! I've met elderly people who have been very grateful to be helped, even if it hurts their pride a bit.

Anyone can be an asshole at any age

species4872 19

Yep some are born that way and some are self made. Either way they continue to practice.

That's why you don't cop a feel when you pick someone up.

Did you take her cane and beat her with it like they do in Singapore?

Lol loving the downvotes on my twisted sense of humor. Keep em coming :D

I actually found it pretty funny in a twisted way, but then you got all butthurt and tried to pretend you weren't. Such a shame.

That's when you just box her out and keep her in the middle of the highway

Gotta love old people

Did you try picking that little old lady up like a six pack, One in the bush one in the tush?