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Today, while I was walking downtown a homeless person asked me for a dollar. I thought it would be funny to wave the dollar in his face and taunt him. I guess he thought it would be funny to stab me in the leg with a pencil. FML
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You are a pompous bastard. You deserved a knife, not a pencil.


Just trying to get to the top, don't mind me. But in Canada (wooo!) dollars are called Loonies and are coins. It just sounds retarded to wave a coin. However if it were a bill it were be different. My 2 cents.

yeah i dont know anyone who waves coins.. i call fake. no dollar bills in canada.

I agree, it was just mean to taunt him. And btw, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THAT HOMELESS DUDE WAS RIGHT , IT WAS FUNNY! Yeah, I would have knocked you down right there, taken the dollar (coin or bill, I thought you were Canadian?) and given it to him. YDI for being a complete douchebag.

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This is just like the one that goes: I thought it would funny to throw a small rock at a homeless man. He thought it would be funny to chase me with a knife. YDI for copying a flop fml.

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Honestly if you did that to me i would do the same. YDI for not thinking a homeless man is a person too.

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a stab mabey a punch but a stab thats harshits not her foult hes homeless

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it might not be her fault hes homeless but its definately her fault for harrassing him.

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What I was going to say, either you're a lying asshole who thought this would be funny to fake post about, or you're lying about where you're from. And if this is true, and for some reason you have an incredibly old Canadian dollar bill (the only way it can 'wave' you cannot 'wave' a coin, you can move a coin around), I would have stabbed you too.

in canada theres actually a lot of american money around.. at least to the parts ive been to. its not just canadian money they use up there. to the OP: did you post this just so people could say YDI? i hope you have ligament damage you bitch.

everybody keeps saying "her"... I think one of you guys is going to be in for a surprise one of the times you make that assumption. She likes it when I lick her adam's apple

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for all of you saying this guy is mean, you must take into account that the average street begger in a medium to small size city makes above minimum wage. Meanwhile, beggers in larger cities easily report making up to 200-300 hundred dollars a day, well over minimum wage. So unless this begger is actually disabled in some way, mentally or physically, then you all are wrong, he is worthless, lazy and deserves to be toyed with, at the very least. Get a real job and stop being a bum

"its not just canadian money they use" are you ******* retarded? yeah sometimes people use american money in canada...about 90% of the time they are tourists. think before you type. most countries use only their specific money...

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Ahhhhh, Haaaaaaa! You're lucky you lyin' piece of shit. If that happened in Detroit, you would have gotten stabbed with a knife or broken bottle by the homeless person and got your ass kicked by a passer byer.

While that may be true #209, the point still is: Why wave money in someone's face? And I kind of doubt that most homeless people in Toronto (I'm assuming that's where OP was since he said "downtown" which where I am is short for "downtown Toronto) make up to $300 a day; a few of them might make close, but not very many. Most of them are ignored because it can be more of a nuisance than anything to give some change, especially when there's an increased chance of them harassing you for more afterwards. Also, the number of them who are ACTUALLY physically or mentally disabled is very insignificant, and most of them are on the street due to drug or alcohol related problems, and are unable to get a job due to lack of a permanent address and criminal records, so it's impossible for them to get a real job while living on the streets (Under the Gardner Expressway just doesn't cut it, even for minimum wage jobs like McD's). to #197, yes there is some American money up here, it is mostly only held by American tourists or Canadians who've been visiting the US and haven't exchanged it yet. Some places do accept American money, but not all (Starbucks does, a fancy restaurant may not). I'm assuming that the OP is Canadian and would have said "an American Dollar bill" if that's what they meant, and was indeed "waving" a Loonie in front of the homeless guy, since he's that much of an idiot anyways. Which brings me to #191, it's impossible for people like me or you to wave a loonie, but the OP is a moron, which gives him the ability to do so. =)

The very few places in Canada that accept American money never give change in American. At least the part of Canada I'm from. You're either a tourist, lying about where youre from of its fake.

What the ****? Of course you can "wave" a coin, you morons. You hold a coin between your index finger and thumb, and move your hand/arm. I swear, FMLs attract some of the stupidest comments I've ever read...

#225, I said SOME places will. I know for a fact Starbucks does, since I work there. I think McDonalds does too, but outside of fast food, I don't think anyone else does. (In case you were directing that at me)

timed out before i could edit -_- also meant to say; you're right we don't give change in American, unless it's the occasional quarter or penny that's slipped through (the most common coins to be mistaken; even vending machines will take American quarters). However, unless you're from Southern Ontario, where the majority of American tourists are, there's probably even less places that'll accept American money

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thats really nasty of you to do

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where would a homeless guy get a pencil?

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YDI for being a total JACKASS.

I live in Ontario and have visited multiple times places such as Ottawa, Windsor, and Toronto, and there are American tourists that cross the border frequently to visit these locations or fly to these locations wit

I live in Ontario and have visited multiple times places such as Ottawa, Windsor, and Toronto, and there are American tourists that cross the border frequently to visit these locations or fly to these locations with their money. Also, many Canadians cross the border and change their money to American. There are also dual citizens and people who work on either side of the border. Also, does this whole location thing really denote the location of the act, or does it denote the location of the person's residence? They could have been an Ontarian visiting an American city.

Agreed... no dollar bills in Canada... Fake. Now I guess this one will be burned as well huh? Whatever. I hate all these fake ass FMLers.

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Downtown? Was this in toronto? To my knowledge, the homeless in my town aren't living that bad. My friend went to starbucks and they messed up an order or something so he offered the extra cup to a homeless man. The guy looked at him warily and thought he spat in it or something. If he passed up a cup of starbucks coffee, which isn't that cheap, it probably means they're not extremely poor. Plus, my friend doesn't look intimidating at all.

I live in Windsor and have been to Toronto many times with American money and never have I been turned down. Whether it's at a 7-11, Burger King, grocery store ect. The majority of those places even give a decent exchange rate. Also, you people are idiots for thinking you can't wave a coin. Where it's not as obvious as waving a dollar bill, it's still not hard to hold up a loonie between your fingers and flaunt it in front of someone. For the most part, a bum is probably just going to spend the money you give him on drugs or booze, which is probably what got them on the streets in the first place, so it's they're own fault. There's a lot worse things you can do than wave money in someones face, and it still doesn't give that person the right to stab you.

Agreed. That's like eating in front of a starving little girl.

#248 xo fiesty...i've always wondered if canadians found an american coin in their change every now and then, lol!! (that 70s show, ftw)

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CANADIANS dont use american bills in canada lol

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agree!!!!! but most canadian retailers or resturants take the USD, they just take it at par

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how ignorant is that!?!? just because he passed up coffee he must be ok LMAO!!! some PEOPLE, because they are still people dont like coffee or have too much pride to take it, just because you turn somethhing down doesnt mean you could afford it otherwise. you must be....16....15 maybe

Yeah, about the coffee thing... why would he take it if he doesn't like coffee? It's not like he can pawn it for cash or anything. Besides, if he were thirsty, I'm sure he can get free water in a lot of places.

Aha! I think we've finally found one of the most hated assholes on fmylife!

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wow. thats probably the best spelled sentence ive ever seen. you are the proof that evolution is just a theory.

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LOL why are you basing your thoughts on evolution from a responce to an FML LOL

Uh, no, we don't have American bills floating around. American coins are mixed in with ours (a little), and most places will accept American currency, but it's not common to have American bills.

well obviusly u have only been to border towns or big cities cuz regular canadians don't use american money just so u know

mc dicks does lol I worked there and they give Canadian change and give the amount of change that they would get if the transaction was done in Canadian dollars lol

I hope God waves heaven in front of your face then proceeds to through you in hell. grow up ********! btw, I know God would never do such a thing because he/her/it is not a complete retard like you. carma's gonna come down hard on you

ya that's extremely jerkish!! other people aren't as fortunate as you!

@#41 there are dollar bills in Canada just no1s.

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Why are people so mean to hobos?

You're such a bitch. 'You thought it would be funny'? What if the bank 'thought it would be funny' to repossess your house and leave you out on the streets? Wouldn't you like to think that some kind soul would give you a dollar? How would you like it if someone randomly waved one in your face?

in Vancouver they accept American money! and if you did that here in Vancouver, you would either get shot or get the shit beat out of you then thrown in a dumpster. I'm serious 0.0

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yeah YDI for being an asshole

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#114 Are you homeless?… with Internet connection?

i got stabed by a prencil it hurts like shit

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your an ass hole. why would you do that. I would stab you too.

do you really think that if the hobo was able to get a job that they would still be on the streets? think about it.

it's not that easy. it's not like there are 4 million good paying jobs out there, waiting for homeless applicants. dick.

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those FML's that start with "I thought it'd be funny if...": well guess what? you already ******* deserve it.

it probably is a fake story and if it isn't YDI

that is so not true, if it were, how come they're on the streets?

#65 great comment :) yea cos it's so funny to taunt homeless people... You sick, sick person. 209# okay we will just shove you out on the streets with no money and having to beg see how easy it is for you !

wow, your an asshole :/ also, he would be ripping you off, he can afford a stabbing pencil but not a decent meal? :P

How much do you want to bet this is the same guy?

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op u are a complete douchebag. if u think it is funny to taunt a man who has lost everything than u have serious problems!! i hope that leg wound hurts alot cuz u deserve it u piece of shit!

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Ur a dick if only it was a knife

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If I ever found OP, it would be a machete not a pencil that I stab them with

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Go homeless man! OP, you didn't have to be such an ass... Really..

But...he's Canadian! How is this possible? I didn't know it was humanly possible for Canadians to be this mean?

I know, he was lucky to get away with just a pencil.

Are you the same dude who threw a rock at the other homeless guy?? Learn your lesson man!

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This is definitely a YDI. There's no excuse to be a jerk to anyone, especially someone who is asking for help.

196 & OP, wow u guys r the biggest assholes ive heard of on here

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I hope he got lead poisoning. Asshole.

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Unless it was a mechanical pencil. Then it would be lead

You are a pompous bastard. You deserved a knife, not a pencil.


True story. Knife ≠ Pencil. OP, you totally deserved it, jerk.

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i'm kind of surprised it was a pencil and not a knife. OP, and now you know

He/She is lucky it was a pencil and not a knife... I would say that I hope you were wearing jeans so it wouldn't stab that badly, but since you're an asshat... I'm hoping it was shorts. Right in the Achilles. Maybe twist it a little.

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He shouldn't come looking for sympathy cause he doesn't deserve it

YDI for being an asshole. Go homeless man!!!

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Who does that!? YDI for being a jackass.

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Yea he made the homeless man use a good pencil

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You TOTALLY deserve that. If I were the homeless dude, I would've done the SAME thing... Only I'd make sure I paralyzed you. Don't play.

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YDI. You deserved it so much that I think karma should still have something in store for you, hopefully worse. You're an ass.

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hobo : person :: the queen of england : person. if you wouldn't do it to someone higher up on the social ladder than you, than don't treat someone poor like they're not as good as you are. sure, some homeless people may just be lazy, but others are trying and just haven't landed a job yet. you don't know which they are, so you can't say they deserve it.

If I saw that, I'd have given that man ten bucks on the spot.

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I know right. The OP is disgusting. If I saw you do that I would've bitch-slapped you back to your place, the dumpster, you uncivilized low-life.

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how many FMLs do there have to be of homeless people chasing jerks down the street, stabbing them or hitting them bc they deserve it and the hurt person claiming FML?

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That's exactly what I was thinking.

People sure are dicks to the homeless these days. It can happen to anyone.