By UnknownKitten - United States - Elgin
Today, I returned home after a long day of work. I noticed that my kitten had gotten a hold of my pin cushion, and that there were no needles left in it. My husband and I have only managed to find one, out of 16. FML
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  irishmaiden78  |  23

Kittens and puppies will eat anything. My cats have consumed the weirdest things. I had one that would eat the plastic handle off of grocery bags but thankfully she pooped them out so she never required surgery. Pins are deadly.


My late Doberman ate her entire rope toy. My friend's Lab ate a sticky hand. My Bluetick ate (and thankfully regurgitated) a tennis ball a few years ago. Another friend's wolf hybrid pup would eat rocks. I don't have any cat examples since I don't keep cats or really have any friends that do, but I've heard similar stories about all sorts of animals.

  justsaiyan  |  6

My cat tried to. It cost us at least $100 CAD just to know there was a needle stuck in its throat and the roof of its mouth, and to get rid of it. OP, if you ever read this, please for the love of Simba the Lion, check your cats mouth and take your cat to the vet for safe measure