By Ashley - United States - San Antonio
Today, I found out why my boyfriend of 5 years won't propose/marry me. He would rather wait for his estranged wife to meet someone, fall in love, decide to get married, and do the filing herself. He doesn't want to pay the couple of hundred dollars for the uncontested divorce filing. FML
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  Mathalamus  |  24

the boyfriend probably wants to try and make sure his wife is happy before moving on. its misguided in this case, but thats what i think.

either that, or his fiancial situation wont permit a couple hundred for divorce proceedings. or both.

or maybe he just wants her to do it because he is passive aggressively forcing her to do all the work.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

Regardless of his reasons for doing it, if he truly had the intention of moving his life forward with OP, he's had 5 years to save up the money, and 5 years to make an effort.

  DraconicFeline  |  31

To be fair, some people are just *really* conservative with their money. I'm not saying it's reasonable, but if there haven't been any other signs, it seems a bit premature to start doubting his commitment to the relationship (especially if he's been with her for five years).

By  oliviaaaa7  |  13

Definitely put that relationship in a box and ship it ex-island. ? If he really loves you and means it then a couple hundred dollars to divorce his ex wife would be nothing. Sorry OP.

By  suffermyname  |  15

I hate to say it, but my boyfriend is doing the same thing. We have been together for 3 years and I knew about it the whole time. it is expensive because his divorce would be an international one, making it pricy. his wife finally filed for divorce because she met someone else, and she's paying for the divorce. we are broke and she is rich so that is why I was ok with it