By momac86 - 19/01/2015 06:34 - United States

Today, I lost a sewing needle in the carpet. No worries, my big toe found it. FML
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ajs1987 15

Your day just took a sharp turn for the worst

Rosebudx 32

Sew it goes.


Rosebudx 32

Sew it goes.

mif_fml 27

That needle sounds like a prick.

It seams that these puns have left me in stitches, I'm not even knitting.

JMichael 25

Well I sure hope OP gets the point.

ajs1987 15

Your day just took a sharp turn for the worst

Happened to me once. It really sucks hope u feel better op

My mom had a sewing needle go through her foot. It went in a spot that she didn't notice for about a month, until I almost performed minor surgery and pulled it out. She ended up needing surgery to get it out.

badluckalex 23

I'm pretty sure you would feel a sewing needle stabbing your foot every time you took a step

And i thought stubbing your toe hurt...i can't imagine how op felt.

you know what they say; you reap what you 'sew.'

Oh god! Im so sorry to hear that!! :(

Could've been worse: a Lego.

Lego block+needle= ???

xninix_fml 36

@14 The worst pain in the world.

Don't even joke about that!

At least you didn't lose your big toe in the carpet and find it with a sewing needle. *shrugs*

Ouch! My mom did that once with a rusty needle, she had to get a Tinnitus shot.

Tetanus....tinnitus is ringing in the ears...

Ah! You're right, my mistake.

Happened to me too, it hurts.. A lot