By collball22 - United States
Today, I was with my boyfriend and I said that I was self-conscious of my acne. He told me that only one of my zits was noticeable and that it wasn't so bad. In fact he said it looked cool, like a bullet wound or something "awesome" like that. FML
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  bagginzy  |  14

He was trying to make you feel better! That was nice of him, he's trying! Just pop your zits OP it's not that hard. And keep your face clean and exfoliated.

  Bobissmall  |  13

Well i'm still confused how girls work. Friggin' bullet wound. Badass.

But seriously it's quite ridiculous how guys are expected to lie about every damn thing. "No you're acne isn't bad" "No you don't look fat in those" etc etc.

  xoconnie  |  8

rule one: DO NOT whine and complain about ur looks to ur boyfriend or any guy friend. thats almost as bad as saying "do i like fat' or 'omg i look so fat in this'.

if ur so darn self conscious buy some freaking proactiv you FOOL. gosh!

  juicedboi  |  7

He was just tryin to get out of the situation without any bullet wounds if his own. Cut him some slack, he gets and a for Affort.

-4 Yea alright I'm getting flamed to the depths of hell for this one but you remind me of sammi from jersey shore. Yea I watch it... I'm a bad person I get it. Hell I won't go down in history, but I'll go down on ur sister.

By  BelleBelle_fml  |  11

He was just trying to be supportive and help you feel better about yourself in his own unique way. At least he isn't a shallow prick who would dump you for having acne. Be happy!

By  DoubleEdgedBlade  |  4

At least he was trying to soften the impact instead of pointing out the obvious truth.

Which one sounds better?
A) Oh, that zit on your cheek? That looks utterly disgusting.
B) Oh, that zit on your cheek? That looks cool and awesome like you had a gunfight with a whole army with only a pistol.

By  sweetheartxoxo88  |  7

If you had a face full of uncontrollable zits I would feel incredibly sorry for you. However, since only one your case must not be too severe. Therefore I must decree that YDI for not making use of a little thing called concealer.