Maths is hard

By Anonymous - 01/04/2014 17:07 - Canada - Cranbrook

Today, disappointed with my results on a mathematics test, I went over it and realized my teacher had added up the marks incorrectly, leaving me with 17% less than I earned. The person who's supposed to be teaching me math can't even perform basic arithmetic. FML
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Did you talk with your teacher and get everything sorted out?

What do you think the probability of that was?


Did you talk with your teacher and get everything sorted out?

No instead he went poopie in his room

What do you think the probability of that was?

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Times change. Fedoras are now for gelatinous neckbeards who constantly emanate the smell of Cool Ranch and Mountain Dew. (Or Cheetos and Monster.)

Uh-oh, 14. I already have a fedora. First buried comment, now I'm a real FML user!

I think probability has nothing to do with this :/

Teachers make simple mistakes as well, OP. Remember that! Go talk with your teacher and get it sorted out, if you haven't already. Chances are they will be understanding in their mistake and give you the credit you deserve.

I am a teacher; we make mistakes all the time. Some kids have this misconception that all we ever have on our mind is the subject matter. WE ALSO HAVE LIVES! ...oh who am I kidding...

Hell if I was a teacher I'd give you extra credit for correcting my mistake.

I'm a teacher, but rarely make mistakes during marking. Having said that, I am marking 8 & 9 year old work, which is interesting but not too taxing on the mind. Remember that some teachers will often mark into the early hours, tired and half asleep. A mistake here and there is ok.... isn't it?

#34, You're (presumably) a 3rd grade teacher, yet your username is TourettesGuyFTW? Where the hell were you when I was in 3rd grade?!

I am a math teacher. I find simple arithmetic to be both beneath my dignity and beyond my ability.

Isn't there a quotation floating around stating that even Einstein was lousy with arithmetic yet a mathematical genius?

Wait what teachers have lives?

Sounds like my old chemistry teacher who told us to "Check her math."

Teachers make mistakes too... I don't see why it's a bad thing that she told you to check her math.

Seriously? She encouraged her class to pay attention and double check things because she's human and may have made an error? That can't be right we all know teachers are actually super smart computers that never make an error in their programmed field.

My chemistry teacher made an error too. Poor Mr. White. :(

Just don't say that to her when you're asking her to raise your test score..

See, this is why I hated math so damn much!

Or maybe you hated math because you didn't study for tests and failed, perhaps?

well people make mistakes so as long as you go clarify it shouldn't be too much of a big deal (:

You sure the test wasn't graded on a curve?

A downward curve?

Maybe you got that crappy grade, due to crappy teaching?

maybe the next miscalculation will be in your favor.