By clashgurl8449 - 17/02/2011 08:08

Today, my boyfriend fed me chocolate chip cookies with laxatives in them because he was concerned I did not poop enough. FML
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At least he knows girls poop.. Remember the girl that had to use the gas station to poop because her boyfriend thought girls didn't poop? Would you prefer that?

I would dump him like a load of poop for giving me meds of any type without my knowledge. There is something just a little twisted in giving your girlfriend laxatives without her knowledge. Makes one wonder what else he has given you.


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Lets not get carried away. About once a day is normal, some people skip a day sometimes and thats not that serious. Some also go more than once in a day but most not more than twice, and definitely not several times.

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Constipation is defined as not having a bm for 3 days. Once a day is normal for some people, but not everyone.

I worded that wrong - I did not mean several. That sounds like way too much. Thanks for clearing that up; I should have put a couple.

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Whoa. I only poop once every 3 days too. It's a nightmare.

I poop three times a day. But I also eat a lot and have a fast metabolism.

guys usually poop more than girls. i guess op's bf thought she was full of shit.

nah some ppl are just like tht naturally. I have a friend who only does once a week and it's completely natural for her

Once a week is NOT enough. Even if they're not big poops, the waste has still been in her system for a whole week. Tell her to eat more fiber and drink more water and she'll have a bowel movement more often -naturally.-

I can beat that, I went to camp for a week and the toilets were too American for me to sit on without falling in or getting herpies. There were also no stalls. I didnt poo once. When I got home I took 5 hours and lost blood.

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Medically, once a week is definitely not enough. She should drink more water, seriously.

this is this whole comment section is hilarious!!! XD But wow. "too American"?!? a little snobby don't you think?

lol I know what he means by 'american', there's something about american public toilets that just grosses me out so much LOL nothing against American people of course, just your toilets lol.

90 your picture goes well with your comment

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At least he knows girls poop.. Remember the girl that had to use the gas station to poop because her boyfriend thought girls didn't poop? Would you prefer that?

LMFAO holy shit!! Literally!! If my boyfriend did that to me, I would do back even worse! Lol

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Everyone knows that girls don't poop or fart.

No, actually we poop out shit like a normal person. I'm not sure what disease it is that you have that causes you to poop out skittles and rainbows. I'd get that checked out if I were you.

boy.. I was Gunna buy sone skittles from you

I would hope you really didn't think that. I'd be a little concerned.

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omg. have you ever heard of sarcasm? lmao wtf

Of course they don't poop actual poop. They poop out rainbows and tiny unicorns!!

that is extremely cute! i wish i had a boyfriend who was so considered with my .. pooping HAHAH XD

That's kinda funny, are you sure that's the real reason and he wasn't just playing a prank on you but thought you'd get pissy with him if he admitted it? However, if that's the real reason, at least he's considerate, though maybe explain to him next time to think or talk about stuff before taking such action.

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Op: If he was concerned he should have said something to you about it. Giving someone meds without their knowledge is effed up, he has no idea how you respond to things. Those chocolate laxatives are fine for some people, I on the other hand end up with all my pillows pushed into my stomach about to cry on the floor for about 14 hrs. It's inconsiderate and stupid to drug someone without their consent.

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so you guys talk about your poop and stuff? haha . anyywwaayyss; that's very caring of him, I can tell he loves youu! :)

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I was concerned HE was concerned.... like is he monitoring her br schedule? for real? lol this can't just be a normal boyfriend.

Perhaps he wants you to poop more because he has a poop fetish and wants to view/grade your stool? Or worse?