By smith - United Kingdom
Today, my wife made a joke about the size of my package, so figuring all's fair in love and war, I bought some laxatives to prank her with. They took a lot longer to work than I thought, and I ended up lying in bed, listening to my wife shitting her guts out in the bathroom for over an hour. FML
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  alphaskater09  |  9

*says something stupid that could possibly result in more than 10 thumbs down*
*also puts on some shutter shades in a failed attempt to look cool, but instead spells words incurektly becoz he cent see thr kerbird*

  LolCakes111  |  7

I've noticed a lot of love FMLs have people who go Today, my boyfriend says *joke*. FML. They took it seriously, and posters somewhat get it's a joke. Pretty ironic FML, but YDI, ass/jerkoff/douchebag/whatever your insults are.

  ElShus  |  0

I don't know why it's okay for girls to say "oh! He did that! You should have kicked him in the balls!" But not okay for a husband to slip a over the counter drug. I'm not sure on this but I'm not sure if laxatives are dangerous, but I'll say right now that in any which, way, shape, or form is it okay for a ANYONE to kick a man in the balls unless physically attacked. To recap I think double standards are taking place.

  alliewillie  |  22

Agreed. She made a verbal joke and you took it to the next level - physical? Then had the balls to COMPLAIN when she was stuck in the bathroom "shitting her guts out" for over an hour like it put you out instead of her?

The comment above me is right. Your wife married an asshole.