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Today, I requested a pay rise at work. They said they couldn't do it as they have to cut costs, so I resigned. They've now re-advertised my job for more money than I asked for. FML
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i was thinking that but would they consider her right after she quit?

#8, what makes even less sense is why you'd refer to OP with female pronouns when he's clearly a guy

IMO it is not clear whether OP is a girl or a guy. How could you say he is clearly a guy?

The male symbol next to the username indicates OP is a man

Most companies have a waiting period before you can reapply after quitting. Usually along the lines of 6 months or so.

That icon doesn't exist on the iPhone app.

53- the username of the poster is blue for guys and pink for girls.

All I see on any FML I click is the name in black. No gender symbol or any other icon/phrase/etc to indicate gender. I am using an iPhone 6S with the latest version of the FML app.

I am using the exact same phone and version of FML and there is an icon next to the name. Sometimes it doesn't have it but most of the time it does.

I'm using the iPhone 6S with the latest version of the app too. I see a silhouette of a male head on my phone.

Apply! You're the most qualified candidate.

What a waste of a comment this is going to be.

it wasn't a waste of a thumbs down though!

Maybe it's a lie, they're just trying to draw people in. Everything's an illusion

Reapply then. They know your skill set and you personally since you've already worked there.

Yep because that's good logic for a company to have, "lets hire this person who just quit working here to do this job which was their job in the first place".

Reapply under an alias and soak in the glory of their shock and embarrassment when you walk in.

I bet you didn't see that one coming

Reapply under a different name and show up just to see them loose that grin and candidate