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By Casino - 02/04/2009 01:17 - United States

Today, I bitched out my grandmother, who lives with my family, for being lazy and laying in bed until 6-7pm for the past month. When I was done, she told me she had been diagnosed with cancer and was depressed because of it. Nobody had bothered to tell me. FML
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alex_vik 0

YDI for bitching out your grandmother.

how about asking her if she is okay before going ahead and bashing her...


how about asking her if she is okay before going ahead and bashing her...

gan4sula 2

Yea no one should bitch at grandmas, period Show some respect

iEatGuppies 0

even then, who the **** bitches at their own grandma?

alex_vik 0

YDI for bitching out your grandmother.

Agreed Ydi treat your elders with respect!

Even if she wasn't depressed and didn't have cancer, you STILL shouldn't bitch out your grandmother

CatieBabey 0

if she's living with your family, she's ill. YDI, never yell at your grandmother, or any elderly person in general.

I agree that OP should've been more thoughtful but saying "don't yell at elderly people" is stupid. You don't earn immunity by growing old. When you deserve to get yelled at, you'll get yelled at, whether you're 12 or 120.

253- I know I would never yell at my grandmother just out of respect. Elderly deserve respect.

summerguy97 16

The elderly don't automatically deserve respect! What if some old dude is a perverted neo-nazi!? See, no respect deserved there!

This comment thread is just a misunderstanding. One should not yell at their own grandparents because of respect. However, stranger elderly people don't necessarily deserve that respect - you can find plenty of evidence for that on FML. I couldn't count how many "old lady" FMLs I've seen just in the past month.

...SHE'S YOUR GRANDMA. That means you keep your feelings to yourself.

You totally deserved it you asshole.

Inspired22 11

I don't think you should ever bitch out your grandmother. An elderly person sleeping all day is a cause for concern, not judgement! I'm sorry no one told you. That's awful. But please have a bigger heart for the elderly in your life! They can be suffering from health problems. And I think people should show more respect to their grandparents!

I totally created my account just to tell you that you should NEVER yell at your grandmother and any elderly person. My mother is in her 80s and it makes me sick to think that someone would yell at someone like her. I'm sorry no one told you that your grandmother is ill and I will be praying for her and your family, but there are just some things you do not do in this life and yelling at your grandmother is one of them.

Gotichippy, thank you so much for making one of the best, probably the best comment I have ever seen here on fml. Pretty much everyone else makes dumb comments, but you didn't. Thank you for that. :) Many times, I really wonder what is with people. Also, I thumbed myself up because I'm very insecure.

AK 2

Christ, what do you expect her to do if she's not supposed to be "lazy"? Go and do your laundry? She's your grandmother for heaven's sake.

I kinda know where you're coming from. A little. I do think maybe you should have asked her about it before completely bitching her out, but I have had experience with bitchy grandma's. (One of my friend's grandmas called her fat and believe me, she's anything but). Just because they're old doesn't mean they're all nice and sweet and stuff. But still, show everyone respect and maybe don't bitch people out. And sorry about your grandma's cancer, hopefully she gets better!

I predict 200 people explaining that all old people are gems to be treasured and are in every single case smarter than you and always right and sweet.